The Speakerbus Product Team maintain this page for the reporting of known security vulnerabilities which may affect our products or services.

Page last updated – 28-February-2020

Security Advisory Description Product Status
SA013 Telerek UI iCMS Resolved
SA012 SNMP on iG114 iG114 Manual Remediation
SA011 Microarchitectural Data Sampling (MDS) Vulnerabilities – Fallout, Ridl & Zombieload Intel Servers Resolved
SA010 Foreshadow Intel Servers Resolved
SA009 Spectre & Meltdown Intel Servers Resolved
SA008 Telerik Vulnerabilities iCMS Resolved
SA007 SAMBA Vulnerability iCS Resolved
SA006 Wana Decrypt0r 2.0 Ransomware iCMS / iCDS / SB534 / VCM Servers Resolved
SA005 Dirty COW Vulnerability iCS / iGS / iCB Resolved
SA004 Leap Second Event None Not Affected
SA003 Vulnerability in HTTP.sys iCMS / iCDS / SB534 / VCM Servers Resolved
SA002 Ghost Vulnerability iCMS / iCS / iD808 / iG33x Resolved
SA001 BASH Vulnerability iCS Resolved

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