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Shanghai Shouee Technology Co., Ltd. (ShoueeTech)

Shanghai Shouee Technology Co., Ltd., (known as ‘ShoueeTech’) is an innovative company providing ‘One-Stop’ integrated solutions to China’s financial trading floors.

ShoueeTech’s primary aim is to integrate self-developed solutions and the world’s outstanding solutions to trading floors, such as Speakerbus trading telephony and intercom solution, compliance solutions, remote desktop, professional trading furniture, interior design and decoration, power and data cabling, world clocks, and offer professional consultant and project management services to customers.

The core members of ShoueeTech have over 12 years of project experience successfully delivering trading floors solutions in China and other APAC regions, with more than 600 projects delivered to date.

ShoueeTech is a preferred certified business partner of Speakerbus for the financial markets in China, providing the highest standard of Trading Voice and service solutions to financial clients.


收易科技的核心业务是提供自主研发并集成世界优秀的各类高端资金交易室解决方案,包括但不限于:Speakerbus语音通讯系统、交易录音合规方案、远程桌面终端解决方案、桌面键盘集成系统、交易桌方案、世界时钟、交易室平面及功能设计、专业机电及智能化工程、专业整体建设咨询及项目管理服务等。收易科技的核心团队成员在中国及亚太区有十多年的资金交易室建设及项目管理、实施及服务的成功经验,曾参与过的中国各类交易室项目超过 600个。


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