• Delivers a unique structured voice compliance capability
  • Enables instant trade reconstruction capabilities

Speakerbus and Revista today are pleased to announce the formation of a strategic new partnership which enables robust voice compliance, together with instant trade reconstruction capabilities. The Revista platform integrates with Speakerbus’s high-performance trader voice management portfolio and provides a much needed layer of compliance, particularly in the pre-trade communications arena. Revista captures every single interaction, irrespective of source, throughout the entire trade transaction lifecycle. It is a cost-effective, private cloud based platform which can be used to facilitate improved workflow, regulatory compliance and data enrichment in voice and other communications.

Andy Wodhams, Chief Executive Officer at Speakerbus said, “We are delighted to partner with Revista as it enables Speakerbus to add a modern, highly structured voice compliance capability to our ever growing solutions portfolio. Nowadays, demonstrating continuous compliance is non-negotiable, and all firms must ensure they can respond quickly and precisely to any requests for information by the regulatory bodies. Until now, the ability to provide a complete audit trail of any trade has been nigh on impossible to achieve and with transcription still in its infancy, the availability of the Revista solution has the potential to revolutionise this important business requirement. Quite simply, Revista eliminates the guesswork and enables rapid, accurate trade reconstruction by structuring the workflow from the initial enquiry rather than trying to re-build post trade, in a non-intrusive but highly efficient way. We firmly believe the unique, pre-emptive capabilities of the Revista platform will appeal to both senior management, and the business alike. As the digital transformation movement within the wholesale banking arena gains pace, Speakerbus is working hard to develop innovative solution sets that are in line with ever-growing customer demand. We are confident that partnering with best of breed specialist applications providers, such as Revista, will enable us to deliver this important goal, and are looking forward to working with them to deliver the many benefits our combined offerings can now provide.”

Umesh Patel, Head of Product Strategy and Business Development at Revista commented, “Voice remains the fundamental component of not only managing relationships with counterparts but also for trade execution activities. Despite the rise in electronic trading, human interaction is still vitally important in the trading room environment and the dependency on turrets, intercom, mobile phones together with email and chat tools for doing business is not going anywhere, anytime soon. The Revista platform enables traders to continue using their preferred communications tools, safe in the knowledge that every single interaction is being monitored and captured, without impacting new business development opportunities or adversely affecting valuable client relationships. With the onus now on the financial firm to implement robust compliance policies and processes which satisfy the demands of the regulators, the alignment of our two organisations enables us to ensure this important objective can be simply, and consistently, achieved. An additional significant benefit for all our users is that Revista also delivers comprehensive communications convergence management capabilities providing organisations with enhanced productivity and improved business intelligence.”

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