Converging satellite, radio, mobile and fixed lines from anywhere into a ‘net’

Are you finding it challenging to conduct mission critical operations in harsh terrains with restricted radio coverage?

We have developed a unique approach to bring together dispersed field operatives on satellite, radio, mobile and fixed line operated devices across land, sea and air, to enable real-time information sharing and response co-ordination.

Key benefits:

  • Bring together landline, radio and mobile users simultaneously for faster decision-making
  • Broadcast critical information to remotely dispersed individuals in an instant over a secure private network
  • Utilise over-the-horizon communications via satellite for dispatch and conferencing needs
  • Manage the array of devices used by dispersed field operatives from one central place

We offer a range of netted communications solutions, of different scales, designed to work effectively in highly challenging environments.

Learn more about the iSeries.

Netted communications

Netted Communication

Bringing together multiple communications methods for instant and secure voice collaboration across dispersed land, sea & air based assets.

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