Reduce IT costs & get to market quicker

The traditional methods of procuring, building and deploying critical voice communications platforms are expensive and increase time to market. Whether you work in finance or command & control sectors, you need your critical voice collaboration solution to be up and running as soon as possible.

We make deployments easy and affordable with the iSeries OneBox appliance range. These preconfigured turnkey solutions give you increased convenience, confidence and control.

Key benefits:

  • Decrease IT operational costs by reducing your IT staff’s time spent on deployment projects
  • Add new features without the cost of having to ‘rip-and-replace’ parts of the appliance infrastructure
  • Reach markets quicker with a simplified installation process requiring no specialist skills
  • Take advantage of our streamlined support service covering every layer of the solution, from hardware to software licensing and configuration
onebox trader voice overview brochure

OneBox overview

You can be up and running with mission critical voice communications “out-of-a-box” within hours, rather than days and weeks across existing or new sites.

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