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Mitigate Your Risk. Be Proactively Compliant. Be Business Efficient.

Fully-managed, modular and scalable, Soteria™ powered by Insightful Technology is a complementary and cost-effective SaaS solution that records, encrypts and stores any type of multimedia communication, including Skype for Business and individual Speakerbus channels, in real-time, and in a single, global window-pane view.

Capable of recalling and presenting all worldwide corporate communication data for analysis in a fully-structured and hierarchical way, and with Artificial and Behavioural Intelligence tools such as complex keyword and phrase searching algorithms, proactive alarming, and voice-to-text transcription and translation, organisations are able to respond to any regulatory case reconstruction request within a matter of minutes, without any data leaving jurisdiction, and provide regulators with time-lapse password access to the containerised file.

Additionally, by taking communications live and in-line, at source, Soteria™ can greatly reduce, or in fact, eradicate the burden of physical backroom equipment, additional recorders, and multiple licence costs that have historically been required for trading and silo-based data storage, increasing a business’s return on investment. Coupled with the capability of pre-populating CRM systems, deal tickets and best execution forms with written communications including transcribed voice calls, Soteria™ not only empowers organisations to take back control of their trading and communications, but also improves their enterprise agility.

Don’t just be compliant, be business efficient.

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