Liquid Voice

Compliance Recording and Event Reconstruction solutions from Liquid Voice for Financial Services and Public Safety

Liquid Voice is a leading provider of interaction recording, transcription and analytics solutions to the Financial Services, Public Safety and Contact Centre industries. Capable of ingesting, recording and analysing interaction data from any source with a high degree of autonomy, the Liquid Voice product-set is increasingly recognised as the go-to solution to meet the needs of the shrewd enterprise.

Liquid Voice’s has successfully passed interoperability testing on iSeries version 8.

The API level integration extends turret, holler ‘n’ hoot and voice collaboration endpoint recording to the Assure omnichannel recording and analytics solutions including smart evidence for financial markets.

The iSeries integration provides a centrally administered, seamlessly integrated audit-trail of voice transactions to traders wherever they take place within the enterprise. Liquid Voice’s transcription and content analytics modules can provide automated compliance checks, alerting on specified behaviours, workflow and dashboard reporting whilst a chronology of events from any number of sources can be reviewed in a single view through the Smart Evidence Event Reconstruction platform.

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