Structure all relevant Communications in real-time and remove all guesswork.

Revista is an integration layer, pulling all communications into one easy to manage surface. Revista was designed by former investment bankers which helps users to work in the most efficient and compliant way. Revista enables Communications Convergence Management, or CCM for short.

Here’s how it works…

Integrate all communications

Integrate all communications

Capture all comms channels using our rest-API & integration components

Create & structure enquires

Create & structure enquires

Instantly create and build new enquiries across any asset class

Allocate records to enquiries

Allocate records to enquiries

Real-time allocation of communication records to one or more enquiries.

It was created to structure all communications to ensure they can be identified and allow rapid retrieval from existing storage solutions. Revista was built to work in synchronisation with all preferred communications medium, allowing people to work how and when they want; at the same time ensuring the individual, senior managers and the firm are always compliant.

Revista’s platform captures all data required to complete Trade Reconstruction for regulatory requests or internal needs. Our approach eliminates all guesswork and probability out of trade reconstruction. The unique metadata structuring process ensures all communications can be identified quickly and easily. The real-time structuring also means Surveillance teams have a powerful tool to monitor trades pre-execution which enables them to step in before anything inappropriate occurs.

With Revista’s vigorous data capturing and structuring technology, any firm can capitalise on the comprehensive business analysis and intelligence that is usually missed or mis-understood, delivering facts around productivity and profitability.

Remove the guesswork and probability from your compliance and empower improved business intelligence capabilities.

Intuitive design

Using the latest UI functionality, automation and integration, Revista’s CCM saves manual work for regulatory compliance and business improvement.

100% allocation

The design principle turns the record keeping proposition on its head to ensure simple and highly accurate allocation for compliance & analysis.

Incredibly Secure

Five levels of encryption and cloud deployment make the CCM a highly secure, low capex option.

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