EU funded TRADECOM project – Trader communication, collaboration and compliance system

During the TRADECOM project Speakerbus and its partners will develop and validate innovative hardware and software solutions to meet the communication, collaboration and compliance needs of financial services, energy and commodity trading and brokerage markets.

The project will design and develop a new desktop communication endpoint (known as a trader turret) that will provide traders and brokers with high-quality, instant, private and secure group communications using intuitive user interfaces.

The project will also develop and implement necessary backend communication and media services to enable scalable, resilient and compliant call routing and recording via the internet and cloud services. The project will introduce new middleware that will link trader turrets to corporate computer systems, enabling turret functions to be accessed from enterprise applications (e.g. click-to-dial) and application data to be accessed from the turret (e.g. contacts and call groups). This will provide traders with more efficient ways to manage communications and workflow between the turret and other desktop systems.

The TRADECOM turret will be designed to interoperate with Speakerbus’ ARIA virtual turret services, which will replicate the trader communication services on desk and mobile devices. Enabling traders to work away from their main turret and still access specialist voice and data communication services.

An important focus of the project will be to pilot and demonstrate the integrated TRADECOM systems in real operational environments and to assess the impact for traders and trading organisations. Taken together, these innovations will disrupt the trader voice market and its large incumbent technology suppliers, and provide high growth opportunities for the SME project partners.

This project received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovations programme under agreement number 666312.

Project abbreviation and glossary

This download contains a global list of abbreviations and glossary of terms compiled from terminology used in this project.

Latest News

5th April 2017 – EU Horizon 2020 – Grant supports delivery of Next Gen Fintech for Speakerbus.

7th September 2017 – FIA Futures & Options Expo in Chicago, elements of the TRADECOM project will be disseminated at this trade show.

16th November 2017 – The iSeries CTI Service is officially released delivering mission-critical business CTI Applications with our open API.

6th March 2018 – Pitched the future of FinTech at an exclusive event organised by SMEinstrument and Innovateuk.

4th June 2018 – Speakerbus were invited to demonstrate our suites of critical voice solutions to a leading investment bank, at their Hong Kong Head Office.  At the event, AYRE’s User Interface (UI) was shown to a range of end users as well as stakeholders.

13th June 2019 – CIAB FEBRABAN took place from June 11th to 13th at the Transamerica Expo Center in São Paulo, AYRE was showcased together with a number of Speakerbus critical trader voice solutions.

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