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A New Trading Paradigm for COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has affected almost every aspect of how we live and work. In the financial markets, it has pushed trading professionals off the trading floor and into their homes, into a remote working model that had never previously been contemplated. This has accelerated the transition of workflow and communications to the cloud and software applications that are more flexible and mobile. Explore what Speakerbus is doing in response to COVID-19 as firms continue to grapple with what the “next normal” looks like.

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Innovative mission critical voice communications

34+ years of delivering world-class, innovative, critical voice solutions to global Fortune 1000 corporations.

Voice communication is paramount to your business’ success. Today, 50,000+ users in 60+ countries, rely on our solutions to collaborate in real-time.

Physical or Virtual voice endpoints

Uniquely positioned to address your business needs with ‘right size’ physical & virtual endpoints.

Bring the same global hoot, intercom, telephony & private line capabilities for office-based, travelling & remote users, without needing proprietary cloud networks.

Resilient, high availability & compliant solutions

Resilient, high availability solutions, with simplified management and enhanced control from one central location.

Streamlined & improved compliance adherence with a single voice recording platform across the entire physical & virtual voice infrastructure.

Leverage & maximise your existing investments

Maximise existing investment in UC, VR & WAN infrastructure, with no hidden cloud network or service costs.

Certified interoperability with solutions from Cisco, Avaya, Mitel, NICE, Redbox, ASC & others, to increase operational efficiency.

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iManager ARIA

Cloud-delivered endpoint, providing global hoot, advanced telephony and private line capabilities

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Speakerbus' discusses the crucial role the human voice plays in establishing trust, Deepfake voice scams, the threat they pose and strategies for avoiding being victimized when using voice communications.

What to consider when embracing innovation and conquering technical debt in voice trading?

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Our cloud-based communications solution, CADENCE, lets you modernise your trader voice collaboration, connectivity and compliance, enabling your trading teams to be agile and stay connected.

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