Command Console

Command Console

Critical control room solution – bridges a range of communications methods for multi-party emergency response co-ordination.

Netted communication

Netted communications

Brings together individuals using multiple devices & communications methods over land, sea & air where radio coverage is restricted.

Crisis management audio conferencing

Crisis management audio conferencing

Disaster planning communications solution that bridges alternative networks when public switched telephone networks are disrupted.

Integrated unified communications

Unified communications

Maximise existing investment in Cisco, Avaya or Mitel platforms, with certified interoperability for greater workflow efficiency.

Services and support

Services & support

A comprehensive range of design, implementation, support & maintenance services, to maximise your investment in the iSeries solutions.

speakerbus turnkey depolyment

Turnkey deployment

Deploy ‘out of the box’ voice services for faster time-to-market, simplified management & improved use of internal IT resources.


Cloud-hosted deployment (CADENCE)

Cloud-based platform for all your trading communications, connectivity and compliance needs.

We serve command solution organisations with the most demanding critical communications needs. Our diverse client base includes military, police authorities, government crisis management agencies and multinational corporations. Our solutions enable disparate teams to be rapidly brought together for effective response and co-ordination in emergency situations.

Key benefits:

  • Commercially ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions with low total lifecycle management costs
  • Interoperate ‘natively’ with existing Cisco, Avaya & Mitel unified communications, to increase operational efficiency
  • Effectively ‘bridge’ satellite, mobile, radio and fixed line networks, to bring multiple device users in contact with the centralised command centre, regardless of location
  • High resiliency and disaster recovery capabilities to ensure continual operations in any outage situation
  • Interoperate with multiple voice recording solutions for compliance adherence
  • Managed via a web-based centralised management system, regardless of where the endpoints are located
  • Delivered with ongoing training and support services
  • Option to host within data centre environments to reduce the hardware footprint at control centre sites

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