QORUS Trader voice collaboration unlocked

Communicate seamlessly across teams, clients and counterparties all through our software platform.



Connect without compromise

Real-time trading communications you can count on, wherever you are.

QORUS is a digital communications platform designed specifically for traders in hybrid work environments. QORUS is powered by a scalable, distributed software architecture that can reside in a cloud or on-prem.

The QORUS desktop experience optimises communications with a choice of physical or virtual endpoints that increase productivity enabling more informed decision-making for your trading teams.

QORUS can be deployed quickly, replacing legacy platforms, or become an integral part of your existing communication portfolio.

Available as a subscription-based service that offers next-gen connectivity (CADENCE), compliance (SONANCE) and analytics capabilities or can be integrated with existing applications and services.

QORUS makes your trading teams more agile and flexible while reducing complexity and costs and ensuring critical voice services are always up, running and accessible to everyone from anywhere.

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Purpose-built for institutional trading


Designed so your teams perform at their best


Communicate securely, simply and effectively


QORUS - Secure, compliant,
real-time critical communications.

With QORUS you can:

Stay connected

  • At the office or on the trading floor

  • From home via VPN or Internet

  • On the move over a mobile network

Communicate anywhere

  • Desktop dealerboard or soft client

  • From home trading dealerboard (iTurret/AYRE), soft client (ARIA) or browser

  • On the move soft client or browser

Remain compliant

  • Record and capture every call

  • Archive & Retrieve store and remotely access all calls

  • Analyse with compliance applications

Gain insight

  • Monitor service availability, performance, and quality

  • Manage access, profiles, features and connections

  • Analyse usage and performance reports

Case Study: The Hybrid Trading Floor

Client coverage for trading teams anytime, anywhere.  


Applications & Devices

Optimise your trading performance and experience

Group-Qorus-with-iD712, SE708, ARIA, AYRE, iTurret & ALTO

Complete trading communications - turrets, hoot, intercom & private wires for hybrid trading floors.


Soft Client for Remote Traders

With ARIA, you can trade from anywhere. Connect to the internet and you're in the market - just point, click and talk.

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QORUS - AYRE Dealerboard

Powerful Trading Hub   

When it comes to performance on the trading floor, success depends on connecting with the right person at the right time. 

AYRE is a powerful trading turret, giving you what you need most, when you need it – instant, real-time communications that are always secure, always compliant.

Connect to clients and colleagues at the touch of a button. AYRE lets you prioritise and control your most important communications on a single screen.

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Simple hoot device  

Instant, always-on, over the top communications from anywhere

ALTO enables real-time communication and collaboration for trading teams at the most important moments. 

Extend your trading floor communications to anyone from anywhere. 

Simple, secure and compliant. 


Case Study: Keep your trading teams connected to markets and clients anytime, anywhere, on
any device.


“ARIA saved our business during the pandemic and we have continued to use it ever since. Users trade as if they were in the office with no loss or disruption of service and quality audio.”

Head of Voice - Investment Manager


“The transition from physical to soft was seamless and means we can support hybrid working with people both at home and in the office.”

Project Manager - Leading Energy Broker


“Our legacy trader voice solution was unable to offer adequate soft client functionality that supported a large number of E1 CAS bearers. We turned to Speakerbus for help, who were able to overlay their ARIA soft client solution, seamlessly on top of our existing TDM turret infrastructure.”

Voice Network Manager - Broker Dealer


“The ability to separate the audio via speakers and a headset was a key selling point for our users . They were able to have telephony calls via the headset and private wire audio via the Jabra speaker.”

Head Trader - Global Asset Manager


Cloud-enable your teams

Put your trading platform in the cloud to ensure access anywhere, anytime, and under circumstances.


Digitise your data

Integrated software platform to capture, store and analyse all of your critical communications data.