Be compliant with accountability and evidential archive.

Evolving regulatory directives, such as MiFID and Dodd Frank, demand more transparency on how voice interactions are recorded and reported across the trading enterprise. The consequence of non-compliance is heavy financial loss.

Speakerbus’ certified technology partnerships with voice recording providers give you a reliable, retrievable and timely compliance solution.

We put the following best-of-breed voice recording solutions through a comprehensive and rigorous testing process with each release of our iSeries solutions, to provide peace of mind of a truly interoperable offering.

Key benefits:

  • Identify participants and analyse the exact sequence of events throughout the duration of a call in detail
  • Capture the full scope of voice interactions to external counterparties, from when a trader makes or takes a call from their voice device, to when they end it
  • Capture the full scope of inter-organisation voice conversations i.e. between front and back office employees throughout the deal transaction management life-cycle
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