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SONANCE - Critical communications compliance made simple

Capture, store and analyse all of your voice trading data with our cloud-based communications compliance and intelligence solutions.



Enhance your communications compliance and intelligence 

Struggling to keep up with ever-increasing communications channels, data streams and reporting requirements? SONANCE offers a better way to ensure communications compliance!

Why choose SONANCE?

SONANCE from Speakerbus helps you simplify and automate critical communications data management processes. Gain greater visibility and control over your trading communications data by capturing, monitoring, analysing, archiving and reporting on all your channels.



Key benefits of our communications compliance solutions


Secure, scalable and purpose-built for critical communications

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Ensure communications compliance while unlocking value


Real-time monitoring can stop unwanted behaviour


Digitise your trading communications data


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Empower your compliance capabilities and digitise your trading communications data with Speakerbus

How Sonance Can Impact Your Business

SONANCE offers a range of features for managing your trading communications and record-keeping. Here are some of the solution’s key features.

Capture and record

Capture multiple audio channels and transcription data from our products for clearer and more efficient communications compliance investigations

Single data and reporting platform

Bring all communications data together holistically where it’s instantly available, normalised and indexed for a quality user experience.

Spot and stop risky behaviours

Use intelligent monitoring and reporting tools to enhance your analytical capabilities, identify process issues and reduce risks.

Instant search and access to data

Use powerful search capabilities to identify and retrieve captured trading communications at any time.

Voice transcription

SONANCE also supports voice transcription and advanced translation of communications records.

What our clients have to say about our solutions 


“Speakerbus' Cadence proved to be the perfect blend of cost-effectiveness and functionality for our SaaS trader voice needs. From conceptualisation to project management and a successful installation, collaborating with the Speakerbus teams was a pleasure. The innovative solution met our requirements and empowered us with the flexibility to 'trade from anywhere'.”

Trevor Moynihan | Insight Investment


“Choosing Speakerbus brought us significant cost benefits. Renting communication solutions from a third party proved to be much more expensive when compared to the cost-effective Speakerbus solution.

Jack Garceau - CTO at JonesTrading


“ARIA saved our business during the pandemic and we have continued to use it ever since. Users trade as if they were in the office with no loss or disruption of service and quality audio.”

Head of Voice - Investment Manager


“The transition from physical to soft was seamless and means we can support hybrid working with people both at home and in the office.”

Project Manager - Leading Energy Broker


“Our legacy trader voice solution was unable to offer adequate soft client functionality that supported a large number of E1 CAS bearers. We turned to Speakerbus for help, who were able to overlay their ARIA soft client solution, seamlessly on top of our existing TDM turret infrastructure.”

Voice Network Manager - Broker Dealer


“The ability to separate the audio via speakers and a headset was a key selling point for our users. They were able to have telephony calls via the headset and private wire audio via the Jabra speaker.”

Head Trader - Global Asset Manager


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