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This update to the ZERO8 provides the first of a series of planned enhancements to extend the functionality of this powerful midrange speaker unit. With the addition of telephony calls and line sharing, customers can now deploy a single device to the desktop where a telephone and speaker unit had been used previously.

Release benefits:

  • Reduced desk space and clutter
  • User has a single headset / handset (not two)
  • Reduced TCO support overheads

ZERO8 Features

  • Small Form Factor – High Capacity Device – 8 Live Speaker channels + telephone or intercom call + group call = 10 powerful calls at once
  • Handset, Headset and Hands Free Microphone with Custom Designed Loudspeaker enclosure to deliver loud and clear in trading environments – this is a Speakerbus thoroughbred speaker.
  • Simple to deploy, LAN connection with Power over Ethernet and automatic registration to iManager Centralised Management System Portal for global administration and compliance
  • Full recording and compliance API supported by Speakerbus technology partners.
  • Compatibility and interoperability with full Speakerbus range of iSeries devices and ARIA for:
    • Telephone line sharing [iManager Communications Server (iCS) Lines]
    • Counterparty private lines shared between any Speakerbus device
    • Internal collaboration with intercom and hoot

 What’s new in this release

The ZERO8 (SE 708) telephony features include:

  • Answer Bridged Call/Line Appearances.
  • Outgoing calls are made from the iCMS configured default appearance.
  • Redial – redials the last telephone/intercom number dialled.
  • Call Registers – now contains a list of all telephone calls received, placed or missed to and from the intercom desk station as well as point-to-point intercom calls. The call register contains the following options:
    • All Calls
    • Missed Calls
    • Received Calls
    • Placed Calls
    • Clear All Logs
  • Hold – calls placed on-hold by the SE 708 can be retrieved.
  • Up to 200 combined call/line appearances and DMVS (Hoot and Private Wires) channels.
speakerbus SE 708 hoot speaker
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