Product Notice EL038 iManager CS and CMS SB534 Integration

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Affected Parts and Variants

  • iManager Communications Server (iCS) V2.x
  • iManager Centralized Management System (iCMS) V3.x


The following notice describes a change to the iManager CS and CMS SB534 Integration
and the effect for existing customers.


Speakerbus is ending support for iSeries and SB534 system integration.

Further to the Sunset Policy Milestones for the SB534 Trader Voice Platform set out in
EOL032 notice Issued: 31 December 2014, Speakerbus are declaring end of support for
the complementary elements used to integrate the two platforms.

From the declared product versions going forward, the ability to run the two platforms in an
integrated mode will be removed. With the forthcoming release of iCS V3 and iCMS V4 it
will not be possible to integrate or connect to a SB534 MkII system or network.

Speakerbus will provide limited enhancement and technical support for the current
versions as described in the sunset policy. Customer who do not run SB534 MkII system
integration may ignore this notice.

Sunset Policy

There will be a minimum of one additional release of iCS and iCMS to conclude
functionality committed to customers running integrated systems with extended support for
SB534. These final releases will carry a limited warranty to the end of the extended
support period. All subsequent remediation will require the implementation of the post
integration versions e.g. iCS 3.x and iCMS 4.x.

Features scheduled on iCS

  • Intelligent Routing, (2.700)
  • iCS SIP trunk Heartbeat, HA P2P, HA Group, SIP PW.

Features scheduled on iCMS

  • Support for Intelligent Routing
  • Configuration improvements of iCS to iCS SIP trunks.
  • Device Log Off Schedule

Required Action

Customers must plan to migrate fully to iManager systems prior to the deployment of iCS
3.x and iCMS 4.x.

Prior to any upgrade the ‘dis-integration’ activity must be completed.

Additional Questions

For further information please contact your regional partner or our service desk.

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