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iSeries Release Highlights - Jan 2016

By Timothy Game

Chief Technology Officer

iSeries Release Highlights - Jan 2016

Speakerbus is pleased to announce this latest major release of the iSeries portfolio of critical voice collaboration applications. We are committed to a development roadmap that delivers trader voice capabilities with reduced total cost of services, improved operational efficiency and adherence to compliance.

NEW for Trader voice speaker endpoints: SE708 & ID712 v2.3

Hosted SE708 & ID712 for remote working, “thin-building” & emerging markets

The new hosted capabilities of these two speaker solutions help financial institutions to reduce the cost of supporting employees working from remote locations and of smaller business operations in emerging markets.

  • Traders can work from home and other remote locations productively, with hoot and private line services delivered in a practical and economical manner. No equipment is required at the local site as voice services are deployed over a private cloud.
  • The hosted speaker solutions support “thin building” strategies as organisations can lower overheads in prime real estate office locations with a reduced hardware footprint.
  • Branch offices can be set up efficiently in areas where IT infrastructure and support services are limited. IT staff located in the head office can apply entitlement management policies and configure voice recording parameters to all the endpoints deployed in disparately located branch offices, using the iManager Centralised Management System.

SE 708 quiet office for greater productivity

Speakerbus supports financial institutions that prefer to adopt a quiet trading floor environment with this capability in the SE 708 speaker. Traders can select an option to route all of the traditional open outcry speaker traffic to a headset. This enables the work environment to remain quiet, enhances privacy with no local overhearing of traditional speaker outputs, facilitating greater productivity.

NEW for connectivity solution: iG330 Media gateway v2.6

SNMP enhancements for increased operational efficiency

Speakerbus has enhanced the iG330 software SNMP tools to help clients to improve operational efficiency with regards to managing private circuits.

  • New alert notifications provided:
    • Power supply status
    • Overall status
    • WAN error
    • E1/T1 alarms
    • Network status
    • iCMS status
    • SIP status
    • Online/offline status

By utilising these new features, clients can maximise the use of private wires across their organisations to benefit from:

  • Resilient business continuity in seconds 
    • The Media Gateways facilitate the provision of ‘Y’ shaped circuits,to ensure that there is no circuit switchover at the time of crisis. By eliminating the need for specialist engineers to cut-over lines to alternate locations, we help you to reduce costs and achieve resilient business continuity.
  • New and immediate circuit provisioning 
    • Provision new circuits in seconds instead of days, thus achieving the lowest “switch on” time. iManager Portal enables non-technical staff are able to manage and deploy these circuits across the enterprise, keeping costs low and delivering immediate results with the automated provisioning technology in iManager Centralised Management System.
  • Bypass carrier toll charges
    • By running voice paths in a converged network using existing WAN, IP-based private circuits are delivered in a manner that “by-passes” network toll charges.
  • Increase capacity over multiple geographic locations 
    • Speakerbus delivers private circuits to multiple time zones at optimal bandwidth. Once a private line is presented to the network, it can simply be routed to multiple drops from a centralised location. As a result, your client line coverage is extended beyond local operating hours with increased capacity at peak times.
  • Audit and manage costs of private circuit inventories 
    • Track, report and accurately audit assets in a compliant manner, to manage private line subscription costs for both subscribers and consumers.
  • Migrate from digital to IP based network no disruption 
    • Speakerbus helps you to spread the migration to a new trader voice system across low risk milestones without disruption to existing services. You can run new applications in parallel to expand and augment existing capabilities, making it easy and affordable to make the switch to iTurret dealerboards.

Please contact your Speakerbus Account Manager for more details.

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