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iSeries Release Highlights - Summer 18

By Timothy Game

Chief Technology Officer

iSeries Release Highlights - Summer 18

Please see our update of the functionality released by Speakerbus during the first half of 2018, across our iSeries solution.

Headline Series features

Local Dipping with Paired Users

The local muting feature on the iD808 has been extended to offer a range of volume reductions (¼, ½, ¾ ) as well as the full mute when a user is talking on a speaker channel. Furthermore, two user profiles can now be paired, so that the dipping/muting extends across two iD808s (including ARIA sessions hosted by iTurrets) giving a total of 48 speaker channels across which local dipping/muting can be invoked.

iCS to iCS Point to Point intercom calls

The iManager Communications Server (iCS) now supports Point to Point calls between two or more iCS installations.  SIP trunks between the iCS installations in a multi-iCS network can now be set up and enabled for use by P2P calls.

iCS to iCS Group intercom calls

The iCS now supports both Standard and Mixing Group calls between multiple iCS installations.  SIP trunks between the iCS installations in a multi-iCS network can now be set up and enabled for use with Group calls.

iCS Performance and Memory Improvements

v2.600 of the iCS is a step change in terms of performance and memory management.  Exhaustive capacity testing has been carried out on the iCS to ensure it is the most capable and efficient iCS yet.

iCS SIP Registration and Subscription behaviour

The iCS has been enhanced to have a SIP registration expiry time period configurable via iManager. Previously this was fixed at 5 minutes. It will now be configurable within the range of 5 minutes to 30 minutes in 5-minute intervals, with a default of 10 minutes.

Support for TCP SIP Signalling

The iCS, iG33x, iTurret and ARIA has been enhanced to support TCP SIP signalling as an alternative to UDP for all SIP call types.

Cisco CUCM 11.5

The iSeries solution tested in conjunction with Cisco CUCM 11.5.  Both iTurret (iD808) and iCS products interoperating with Cisco CUCM 11.5 are fully supported by Speakerbus.

Security Updates

Security Improvements made: CVEs addressed and iCS Appliance hardening

  • CVE-2017-11357 (iCMS)
  • CVE-2017-9248 (iCMS)
  • CVE-2014-2217 (iCMS)
  • CVE-2017-11317 (iCMS)
  • CVE-2002-0510 (iD712, SE708)
  • CVE-2017-5753 – Spectre (iGS, iCS)
  • CVE-2017-5715 – Spectre (iGS, iCS)
  • CVE-2017-5754 – Meltdown (iGS, iCS)

The iCS has been hardened and will pass a Qualys® scan (as it stands at 25th May 2018).

Additional features

iCS installation via USB

The iCS may now be installed from the USB for more flexible platform installations.

Changes to the Cisco configuration retrieval

The iTurret (iD808) and ARIA have been enhanced to retrieve the Cisco configuration files from the Cisco CUCM

iCS NTP Server

The iCS has been modified to allow it to act as an NTP Server, that will provide a clock in the absence of any external NTP reference to synchronise to.

SbRTP Inactivity Timeout

The “SbRTP Inactivity Timeout” has been made configurable on the SbRTP media policy via iManager with a configuration range of 500ms to 3 seconds in 500ms steps for the iG33x, SE708, iD712, iTurret and ARIA.

iCS Diagnostic Enhancements

The iCS has had a number of diagnostic developments with the aim of improving the ability for the support engineers to identify and resolve issues. These include:

  • Improved web pages, with additional information on a number of topics, such as the
    RAID status, the Resilience status and hardware errors.
  • Additional and improved log files to provide as much information to the support
    engineer as possible when diagnosing problems.
  • Improved graphs making it easier for the support engineers to get an immediate
    overview of the health of the system.

Advertise ‘X to clear’ in iD712 GUI

The GUI has been modified to inform the user that an outgoing P2P or Group call in the connecting state can be abandoned, to make it clear that this action can be performed.

iCMS Voice Service Report Enhancement

On the Voice Service Provisioning Report, an additional column has been added indicating whether or not the Voice Service has the “Record” option checked.

Recording Policy Assignment Audit Enhancement

The device MAC address and seated user information have been added to the audit log when assigning a recording policy to a device.

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