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How Speakerbus is Dealing with the Coronavirus Pandemic

By Paul Kitchener

Technical Marketing Manager

How Speakerbus is Dealing with the Coronavirus Pandemic

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) virus continues to spread globally, Speakerbus is reviewing daily the potential impact COVID-19 is and will have on our core business functions across the world. This communication provides our current status and outlook as a business.

Product supply

The initial impact was on the availability of component parts to allow our manufacturing facility to continue to meet our client’s orders with the factories in China being shut for a more extended than expected period following the Chinese New Year. We are receiving confirmation that the factories are slowly returning to work and ramping up production. The situation is still very fluid at this time, and we will continue to monitor the situation. We shall provide our clients with regular updates via the established weekly/monthly project and account meetings. Any new orders may be subject to extended lead times due to ongoing delays in component supply.

Development plan

There has not been a significant impact on our development team at this time. We have initiated our business continuity plan to provide enhanced remote working capability in the event of a lockdown. Should the UK move to a lockdown or partial lockdown that forces us into remote working, we anticipate some delays in delivering committed roadmap items due to the additional complexity of remote working for developers with hardware test facilities. We can operate the majority of our test systems remotely and will produce continued updates as the situation evolves.

Our staff

All Speakerbus staff have been advised to follow government advice with regard to hand washing and cleanliness. They have been provided with a bottle of anti-bacterial hand sanitiser for their personal use while in the office.

The following decrees have been communicated to all staff globally:

  • Sickness – Anyone showing signs of a viral-type illness should not attend the office. Anyone who has a close family member (i.e. living in the same property) that shows signs of a viral type illness should not attend the office. They should notify HR at the earliest opportunity and follow government advice. Before returning to work they must contact HR to confirm they are fit and well and have been passed fit to return.
  • Commuting to a place of work – Staff have been advised that they will be permitted to vary their standard start and finish times so that they may travel during less crowded times. Where possible, maintain at least a 1-metre distance between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing. Avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose as much as possible.
  • Travelling to client offices - Wherever possible face-to-face meetings should be avoided, telephone or video conferencing calls should be arranged instead. Where engineers need to attend a client site, they should abide by the regulations of that client with regard to COVID-19. On entry and exit from the premises, the engineer should use appropriate hand sanitiser to clean their hands.
  • On-site engineers - Where we have on-site engineers, they should abide by the regulations of the particular client with regard to COVID-19. On entry and exit from the premises, the engineer should use appropriate hand sanitiser to clean their hands. Where possible, the continuity of on-site personnel will remain constant to avoid different persons attending the site. We are willing to discuss the possibility of providing this service remotely in order to restrict our personnel from attending client premises.
  • Greetings - When engaging in face-to-face meetings; person-to-person contact, such as handshaking, hugs, kisses or any personal contact should be avoided.
  • Events / Exhibitions - Attendance for such activities should be declined and avoided for the foreseeable future.
  • Business Travel – All international business travel will be kept to an absolute minimum, there will be no business travel to those areas/countries that are considered the highest risk at this time, including China, Japan, Singapore, Iran, and Italy. This list will be reviewed continually, and relevant action will be taken accordingly.
  • Personal Travel (Vacation) – Any employee that is travelling overseas MUST inform HR in advance of their travel. Relevant risks can then be identified before the travel and arrangements can be discussed before their return to work. If travelling through a region where COVID-19 becomes more prevalent, the individual should NOT return to the office without first discussing the situation with HR.

Assuring you of our continued attention and support. Contact Speakerbus for more information.

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