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Mobility and the future of Voice Trading

By Nicole D’Antuono

Global Head of Strategic Initiatives

Mobility and the future of Voice Trading

Ancient humans gravitated to the top of the food chain, prominently because they made and used tools. The tools and equipment utilised by today's modern Trader show little resemblance to ancient man's tools, but the basic concept remains - To accomplish tasks that human bodies alone can't. 

Modern voice trading tools deliver precise control, clear audio and instant connections to counterparties allowing Traders to complete complex trades that can't be quickly completed without the use of specific tools. These complex trades can't be closed effectively using just Instant Messaging or via automated pre-programmed trading instructions alone.  

Why does it matter to me?

If you are involved in the trading lifecycle having the right tools for the most efficient solution gives you and your team the edge. Not every Trader needs a full-size Dealerboard, but every member of the team needs to be in the loop, and they all work differently. Speakerbus has developed a range of solutions to fit each team member's specific requirements from size, and complexity to how they interact with their chosen tools.  

Inherent to all humans - we continually evolve 

We find new ways to speed up our objectives or discover more efficient ways to solve our daily tasks.

Historians generally consider the first finger-driven touchscreen to have been invented by E.A. Johnson in 1965 at the Royal Radar Establishment in Malvern, United Kingdom. However, it took the Apple iPhone on June 29, 2007, to bring touch to the masses.  

When our designers started to build the next generation of innovative trading tools, we studied recent trends and embraced the most dependable modern techniques available, including touch interfaces.  

The birth of ARIA Click & Touch

The world is your trading floor. ARIA's mobile technology lets you voice trade from anywhere.  

ARIA offers real flexibility - The business chooses ARIA as the solution that delivers, the trading team choose the ARIA version that best fits its preferences and workflow.  

  • With ARIA Click, experience a clutter-free trading soft client - screen space can be optimised with ARIA's 'pop out' or 'hide' capabilities. Resize with no compromise to clarity - regardless of the device usage, the window size and shape can be modified as required by the Trader.
  • With ARIA Touch, the whole tablet or screen becomes your interface. Intuitively access features with tablet-like gestures and finger taps, delivering quick reactions in ever-changing markets.

With ARIA Click or Touch you can trade anywhere with a connection. As long as you've got a connection, you can rely on our technology to support you.

Stress-free remote access - Access a global directory, trading lines and broker lines, and place calls between two handsets. And, if you're working off fewer screens than usual, ARIA will adapt to give you the best possible experience.

End-to-end encryption - ARIA protects your business with end-to-end encryption. Calls can also be recorded and stored in line with industry compliance regulations.

The future - Hybrid solutions

For many years Dealerboards relied on switches and buttons, and to be clear some users still want this Tactile Feedback for speed and confidence, so our upcoming innovative solutions will see the continuation of blended interfaces. The best of touch with the responsiveness of real buttons.

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Level up your Trader Voice 

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