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You Spoke, We Acted - Key Findings from Speakerbus' Customer Satisfaction Survey

By Nicole D’Antuono

Global Head of Strategic Initiatives

You Spoke, We Acted - Key Findings from Speakerbus' Customer Satisfaction Survey

In this article, we outline the key findings from Speakerbus' 2020 customer satisfaction survey. You spoke, we acted. Scroll down to browse our key findings.

In late 2020, Speakerbus conducted its first online customer satisfaction survey. The anonymous survey gave our clients the chance to express their honest opinions on our solutions, client services and service teams.

Thanks to you, we learnt where we were shining and where there was room for improvement.

So, let's look at the key findings compiled below.

Key findings from the Speakerbus Customer Satisfaction Survey

Client Services

  1. 77% of clients feel they have the right amount of interaction with our success management team
  2. Our account managers ranked 7 out of 10 when asked if client accounts are well managed.
  3. A 200% increase in our global account management team has allowed increased interactions with our clients.

What's changed?

We're increasing our interactions with clients and working on listening, understanding and responding faster. We are hiring more team members to ensure clients' services exceed expectations. Our Client accounts now have access to solution architects to ensure our client's technical questions are quickly solved.

Our Global teams are all working even harder to beat our satisfaction scores on the next annual client survey.

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