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QORUS Release Highlights - Enterprise Release 3 - 2021

By Mike Crudgington

Technical Product Manager

QORUS Release Highlights - Enterprise Release 3 - 2021

AYRE – Real-Time Communications Hub For High Touch Trading Teams.

AYRE is a hub for real-time voice communications that gives your trading teams one-touch access to their most important contacts, including customers, colleagues and counterparties. AYRE runs on iManager software, Speakerbus’ secure, scalable, high-availability collaboration software platform, which can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise and natively integrates with leading unified communications platforms connecting trading teams to the middle and back-office as well as with leading voice recording platforms.

Benefits of the AYRE hub


  • Traders don’t have time to adapt to different tools depending on their location. The AYRE UX is intuitive, instantly recognisable, and works the same across all devices.


  • AYRE gives you the capability to customise your communications experience and optimise your workflow.


  • AYRE’s open architecture and API can be integrated into your overall trading workflow, so it works with other communication channels and apps.

ALTO - The Desktop Hoot Device Specifically Designed For WFH

ALTO is a multicolour touchscreen device enabling hands-free communications with four simultaneous audio channels. ALTO builds on the success of our iD712 and SE708 Series, bringing increased usability and a smaller form factor designed for any trading environment.

ALTO can be easily deployed at the office or at home.

Benefits of the ALTO Speaker

Compliance Ready

  • Centralised management ensures adherence to company policy, voice recording and governance via user permissions, partitioning and auditing.
  • Get access to all your private wires and hoot lines with your teams, all with superior audio quality.

Cost Management

  • Refresh your trading environment with open standards-based technology with the flexibility to ‘right size’ operations as market conditions change and evolve.

Access to Counterparties & Remote Offices

  • Minimal footprint deployment offers clients rapid Private Wire and Hoot collaboration.

iCS 3.0 – iManager Communications Server Enhancements

iCS puts you in control of delivering specialist telephony, hoot ‘n’ holler and private line capabilities – delivering secure, robust and scalable communications to meet your business needs.

iCS v3.0 is the next step in the evolution of iCS operating software and repositions the solution as an installable application deployable on the customer’s choice of Centos or Red Hat operating systems.​

Key enhancements in iCS v3.0:​

  • Centos or Red Hat OS support​
  • iCS installable as an application​
  • Migration from Maria DB to MySQL database​

With the introduction of iCS v3.0, Speakerbus now offer the installation of iCS on customer or partner-provided servers and operating systems, allowing them to administer their environments, apply OS patches and perform OS upgrades as part of their own internal processes.

In addition, iCS 3.0 moves away from the internal Maria database to MySQL external database, this offers clients a superior combination of security and backup options.

Efficiency Enhancements

Conferencing on ARIA Touch

ARIA Touch new conference call feature allows the user to create calls in which they can talk to several people at the same time.  The interface is fast and simple to use and is identical to the UX on the AYRE dealerboard, ensuring users can switch between hard and soft clients with ease.

Official support for (Chromium-based) Microsoft Edge for iManager

iManager Centralised management system (iCMS) now supports Microsoft’s latest web browser.

The edge browser offers speed, performance, best-in-class compatibility for websites and extensions, and built-in privacy and security features.

The update removes the "unsupported browser" when iManager is viewed in the Microsoft Edge browser (for Chromium-based versions onwards).  The (Chromium-based) Edge browser is now added to the ongoing testing plans.

ARIA Emergency Calls Warning

To comply with local laws ARIA now displays a notification that the ARIA Soft Client does not support Enhanced Emergency Calling and initiated calls and will not include correct location information for the user.

E911 - Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP)

To comply with Kari's Law Speakerbus dealerboards are now able to use subnets to identify the floor location.  Future developments will enhance the offering with switch port tracking utilising CDP.

Pair SE 708 Devices

Two SE708 user profiles can now be paired and the dipping/muting extends across two SE 708s or iD808 with additional SE 708 – the feature increases the total speaker channels available which offer local dipping/muting across two devices and is ideal for heavy speaker users.

This feature builds upon the Local Dipping with Paired Users enjoyed by iTurret iD808 users. Learn more in our video: https://youtu.be/f4fzjLfCgco

Security & Engineering Enhancements

Resolve QID 82054: TCP Sequence Number Approximation Based Denial of Service - iD808/iG330

TCP provides stateful communications between hosts on a network. TCP sessions are established by a three-way handshake and use random 32-bit sequences and acknowledgement numbers to ensure the validity of traffic. A vulnerability was reported that may permit TCP sequence numbers to be more easily approximated by remote attackers.

The fix has been developed, tested and released.

Removal of SUDO package from iGS

The removal of unnecessary packages and SUDO has been identified for removal. The removal of these packages does not affect iGS operation and enhances the security of the platform.

Increased the number of SNMP server destinations to 20 on iG330

To support monitoring tools on large estates the number of SNMP destinations has been increased to 20.

Speakerbus Servers/Devices to return Speakerbus OID and device type when polled

OID is commonly used to determine the vendor/device.  An enhancement to the SNMP structure now delivers the Speakerbus OID for Servers/Devices type when polled with an SNMP request.

Support node.js V12 (minimum) on iGS

In preparation for the official Speakerbus Symphony Marketplace application, the node.js version has been updated. Client iGS installations will need to be updated to use the upcoming ARIA and Symphony integration (once marketplace application is officially released).

Support for SQL Server 2019

The iManager Centralised Management Server (iCMS) database has been updated to install and run on Microsoft’s flagship product SQL Server 2019.  This update allows clients to take advantage of the additional capability and improvements within the SQL Server database engine.

Support TCP for SIP traffic in iG330

iCS has been updated to support both TCP and UDP for SIP, with the option to prevent UDP from being used if required within the estate.

SNMP v3 on iD712, SB-97 SNMP v3 on SE708, SB-73 SNMP V3 on iG330

SNMPv3 is the newest version of SNMP. Its management framework features primarily involve enhanced security over the older SNMP previously in place.  The v3 framework has been added to the iD712, SE 708 and iG330.

iDUCX MAC Address range configurable by Cloudbase

This new feature allows clients the ability to allocate MAC Addresses by region.  The feature allows clients to identify which devices are being created in which region.  Improving reporting clarity and the tracking of assets.

Group Call Logging Line from SIP call

This development allows the iCS to attach a static line into a group call to provide a group call audio feed to third-party systems.  This feature was popular on our legacy platform and was requested by several clients.


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