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ASC joins Speakerbus’ Certified Technology Partner Programme for compliant voice recording

By Timothy Game

Chief Technology Officer

ASC joins Speakerbus’ Certified Technology Partner Programme for compliant voice recording

Speakerbus, a specialist provider of voice collaboration solutions for mission critical communications needs, today adds ASC to its Certified Technology Partner Programme. ASC’s EVOIPneo software has been enhanced to interoperate with Speakerbus’ iTurret dealerboard and speaker portfolio, offering financial institutions and command and control sectors the tools for compliant voice recording.

Speakerbus’ Certified Technology Partnership Programme, provides clients with the widest choice of complimentary solutions to which its applications can effectively integrate.

ASC’s communications recording solutions capture, archive and analyse calls, screen activities and related information in accordance with prescribed security standards. ASC’s EVOIPneo software receives collated voice call information from Speakerbus’ dealerboard and speaker solutions through the centralised management system’s Call Detail Service, which concentrates numerous call information streams, and shares them with multiple third-party applications.

Charles Miscampbell, Product Director at Speakerbus stated, “In the ever expanding ecosystem of vendors operating in the unified communications technology space, formal certification of specific products as interoperable is key to ensuring customer satisfaction. In response to this market demand, we put best-of-breed 3rd party applications through a comprehensive and rigorous testing process, to ensure our customers benefit from a low risk, truly interoperable collaborative solution. We are delighted to have ASC on board as a certified technology partner.”

Marco Mueller, Chief Operating Officer of ASC said, “We are honoured to be a certified Speakerbus technology partner. In the current regulatory climate of more stringent EU standards such as MiFID II, financial institutions must carefully choose their communications recording and workforce optimization solutions. EVOIPneo is unparalleled in its capabilities for compliance, verification of transactions and protection from liability in a fail-safe manner.”

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