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EU Horizon2020 Grant Supports Delivery of Next Gen FinTech for Speakerbus

By Paul Kitchener

Technical Marketing Manager

EU Horizon2020 Grant Supports Delivery of Next Gen FinTech for Speakerbus

Speakerbus today announced a milestone in its TRADECOM European Union-funded project with the successful submission of its scheduled
phase 1 reports. The EU’s innovation in SMEs programme (Horizon2020), awarded Speakerbus an innovation grant to advance the commercialisation of its vTurret; itself a prototype developed from a UK Government Innovation Grant. This grant was specifically awarded to showcase and fast-track innovation in technology.

What does this project aim to do?

TRADECOM aims to solve the challenges investment firms are experiencing, delivering strategic FinTech solutions which:

  1. Enable businesses to grow and prosper
  2. Contribute to a reduction in spiralling IT costs
  3. Support operations in a more prescribed regulated environment – in compliance with the law
  4. Provide flexibility and resilience enabling confidence in the reliability of their systems' uptime and disaster recovery/ business continuity scenarios

The partly funded project demonstrates Speakerbus' commitment to Software as a Service (SaaS), cost pressures, scalability, redundancy, VoIP, compliance, access to an advanced API and multi-vendor collaboration, as the project matures.

Currently 16 months into a 2.5-year project, TRADECOM will deliver a new addition to the iSeries family, a cloud-powered, thin client desktop device, making way for a high-value Trader Voice SaaS model. Today Speakerbus has completed the largest phase with three further phases remaining. The project has a completion date of Q1 2018.

“I am delighted with the progress the Speakerbus Team have made working with the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 team,” commented Mr Andy Wodhams, Speakerbus Group Managing Director. Andy continued, "we will keep the market informed of TRADECOM’s progress and we’re looking forward to the next exciting stages. We will continue to engage with key clients during the next stages, guaranteeing the client-focused direction of the project.”

Learn more about Speakerbus

Led by Speakerbus, TRADECOM brings together unique partnerships and experience from the best of Europe.

To learn more about Speakerbus, explore our trader voice solutions or get in touch with our team.

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