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Financial Markets Association Malaysia (PPKM) - Baba & Nyonya Quest

By Paul Kitchener

Technical Marketing Manager

Financial Markets Association Malaysia (PPKM) - Baba & Nyonya Quest

Speakerbus recently sponsored this year's PPKM Treasure Hunt. We believe in always having our customers’ backs, making every connection worth more – in every way. Read about the event below.

PPKM Treasure Hunt

The Venue

The Pines Hotel, Malacca


This year's theme for the race was "Babas & Nyonyas".

About Financial Markets Association Malaysia / Persatuan Pasaran Kewangan Malaysia (PPKM)

PPKM has a membership count of 1,862 which includes International, Ordinary, Broker, Provisional and Associate members and 4,977 comprising Affiliate Members.  The association attracts those actively engaged in the Financial Markets within the ASIA region. PPKM highlights the techniques and industry best practices to develop, improve and maintain high standards in the financial markets.

PPKM delivers opportunities for socialising and collaborative contact amongst its members.

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