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iTurret v2.1 offers enhanced productivity, availability and functionality.

By Timothy Game

Chief Technology Officer

iTurret v2.1 offers enhanced productivity, availability and functionality.

Speakerbus is proud to announce the general availability of iTurret and iManager v2.1. This combined endpoint and management system upgrade enhances productivity, availability and functionality.

For end-users there are productivity enhancements with a fast conference facility that expands our ‘one touch’ user experience.  Working closely with a key customer, Speakerbus implemented this highly effective addition to iTurret to support their working practices and enable a seamless transition to the iTurret where a competitor product was displaced. Providing a bridge handset feature to allow a call to be shared with a colleague at your desk was a simple enhancement thanks to the digital signal processing architecture of iTurret.

Enhancing productivity for system administrators was a key aim for this release. We have introduced a new page synchronisation feature and expanded on the policy-driven system management facilities of iManager Portal. Customers can now apply key layouts across the user population, including multiple locations and device build options. Key Page Policies can be rigid and offer flexibility when needed as the policy can be applied to different pages for multiple user groups if required. Once the policies are defined all changes are synchronised across the global deployment in real time. User preference policies now encompass features such as call forwarding, selected feature access, LED schemes and speaker latch settings.

iTurret supports multiple host platforms for resilience and will automatically connect to alternative services. This newest version of iTurret reduces the failover time by 89%, ensuring users maintain service with minimal disruption.

To learn more about Speakerbus range of innovative trader voice solutions or to arrange a personal demonstration, please contact your local Speakerbus office, reseller or visit www.iTurret.com.

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