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Speakerbus Announces AYRE - Real-Time Communications Hub for High-Touch Trading Teams

Speakerbus Announces AYRE - Real-Time Communications Hub for High-Touch Trading Teams

Speakerbus, a leading provider of real-time communications solutions for the financial markets, has launched AYRE, its next-generation trading turret designed to meet the unique communications, connectivity and compliance requirements of the global financial trading community.

What is AYRE?

Building on Speakerbus’ 35 years of excellence serving customers of all sizes, AYRE incorporates the latest advances in communications design to offer a major leap forward in productivity, flexibility and mobility by enhancing the workflow and performance of trading teams wherever they are working.

“AYRE is a high-performance communications hub that traders rely on for customer interaction, decision-making and execution as they deal with the massive amounts of data and numerous communications channels,” said Andy Wodhams, CEO of Speakerbus.

Real-time communications solutions for traders

As a hub for real-time communications, AYRE ensures your trading teams always have one-touch access to their most important contacts, including customers, colleagues and counterparties for conversations that enable them to quickly make sense of the markets, build trust with customers, gain insight and execute trades.

AYRE runs on iCS, Speakerbus’ secure, scalable, high-availability collaboration software platform, which can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise and natively integrates with leading unified communications platforms connecting trading teams to the middle and back office as well as with leading voice recording platforms ensuring all conversations can be captured, archived and audited in accordance with regulatory compliance requirements.

“During the pandemic, voice has provided the vital human and personal element of communications, where in-person interaction was just not possible. This has enabled key relationships to develop and progress,” said Helen Bevis, Group Head of Business Development of Speakerbus. “Firms that have invested in collaboration technologies that foster the human aspects of trading, namely making connections and building trust, are locking-in long-term customer allegiance.”

Key benefits of AYRE:

  • Hybrid touchscreen/button UX customized for trading teams or individual profiles
  • Real-time communications hub for high-touch trading supporting direct voice connections
  • Advanced collaboration features enhance connection for distributed trading teams
  • Can be deployed as part of a cloud-managed service or on-premise architecture
  • Supports mobility between the trading floor and remote work locations
  • Operates as part of a secure, scalable and compliant communications architecture regardless of location

Learn more about our real-time communications tools

For more information about real-time communications for traders, browse the Speakerbus solutions or get in touch with our expert team.


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