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Speakerbus Expands Asian Reach with New Regional Office in Kuala Lumpur

By Ashley Francis

Director – Global Head of Sales

Speakerbus Expands Asian Reach with New Regional Office in Kuala Lumpur

Speakerbus announced its further expansion into Asia with the opening of an office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Get details about the move and what it means for the organisation and our clients.

What the new Kuala Lumpur office means for Speakerbus users

This significant milestone is part of the company’s strategic phased growth plan into emerging markets. At Speakerbus, we believe that it's essential to have a much closer personal interaction with our growing client base. The new facility will enable the business to provide much-needed ‘hands-on' support to our users based across this important region.

Speakerbus’ innovative trader voice solutions empower organisations to collaborate faster and make more informed decisions. The firm is uniquely positioned to address its client’s business needs with cost-effective ‘right size’ physical & virtual endpoints in conjunction with ‘best of breed’ customer support services. Our communication solutions enable fast and efficient voice collaboration with external counterparties and colleagues while supporting business growth and regulatory compliance directives, such as MiFID II and Dodd-Frank.

What Speakerbus CEO, Andy Wodhams, said about the office move

“I am delighted Speakerbus has made the commitment to open an office in Kuala Lumpur. Apart from enhanced sales and marketing capability, we can now offer on-the-ground support to our growing client base. We are excited at what 2018 holds for the business and are planning to launch a number of new initiatives which we believe will continue to meet our clients growing needs and expectations." said Andy Wodhams, CEO of Speakerbus. He continued, “We really appreciate the support we have received from our existing users and are looking forward to establishing much closer working relationships with them, and our new customers, over the coming weeks and months."

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