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Speakerbus launches ARIA, an industry first for secure cloud-based trading

By Nicole D’Antuono

Global Head of Strategic Initiatives

Speakerbus launches ARIA, an industry first for secure cloud-based trading

Speakerbus, the specialist provider of critical voice solutions to the world’s leading financial institutions, today announced the launch of iManager ARIA. The launch is the result of an innovation grant which was awarded by the UK Government’s Smart Scheme, managed by Innovate UK. Being awarded the grant is recognition of the company’s commitment to developing advanced and original technology. ARIA is the new, cloud-based soft client in the Speakerbus iSeries portfolio and provides much greater workforce mobility, business continuity and reduced cost of ownership in the delivery of trader voice services.

Speakerbus worked closely with its clients on the design of the ARIA, to fulfil the needs of global trading desks both now and in the future, as cloud-based services will become more and more important. ARIA provides secure, encrypted access to multiple voice networks within a financial institution’s infrastructure, eliminating the risk of having to rely on an external, single-cloud provider, ensuring continuity of mission-critical trading operations in unforeseen circumstances.

Patrick McCullough, CEO of Speakerbus, said, “Being awarded a government grant for innovation is a significant recognition of our track-record and our R&D team. The release of ARIA marks a major milestone for Speakerbus. We now offer the market a choice of virtual and physical trader voice endpoints to meet a range of business needs and objectives: easier remote working, tighter disaster recovery and greater security for trading operations over private clouds. Being awarded the Smart Scheme grant is testimony to Speakerbus’ leadership in providing innovative critical voice solutions to financial institutions worldwide.”

If a trader is unable to access the Speakerbus iTurret dealerboard / trading turret in their office, for example due to extreme weather conditions, transport disruption or terrorist activities, they can access the endpoint from a remotely-located PC, tablet or smart-phone.

Speakerbus’ iSeries solutions deliver trader voice services with improved cost management and operational efficiency while meeting regulatory requirements. Financial institutions can maximize existing WAN, unified communications, voice recording infrastructure and “self-manage”. Clients benefit from a reduced total cost of ownership, including reduced private line leasing costs and rapid deployment. With a client base across capital markets, commodities, hedge funds and brokerage sectors, the iSeries provides proven and compliant solutions for voice-based trading across multiple asset classes.

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