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The Future of 5G for Trader Voice & Compliance - China Mobile

By Paul Kitchener

Technical Marketing Manager

The Future of 5G for Trader Voice & Compliance - China Mobile

Speakerbus attended the China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK) and China Mobile International (CMI) 5G Solution Day. Here are the details.

China Mobile's 5G Solution Day

The venue

Harbour Grand, Hong Kong

5G in focus 

With 5G powering future trading estates, clients can take advantage of lightning-fast, real-time user experience with zero waiting time.

Alongside, with support from ASC, Speakerbus presented its vision for the future of 5G on the trading floor, delivering compliant trader voice solutions.

With 5G discover a faster, smarter and safer trading experience.

About China Mobile Hong Kong & China Mobile

China Mobile is the largest telecom operator in the world by network scale and subscriber base and is among the top in terms of market capitalization and brand value. In order to provide better services to meet the growing demand in the international telecommunications market, China Mobile established a subsidiary, CMI, in December 2010, mainly responsible for the operation of international business.

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