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Y shaped circuits reduce the cost and provisioning time of private wires.

By Kevin Garvey

US Head of Sales

Y shaped circuits reduce the cost and provisioning time of private wires.

Speakerbus’ latest release of firmware for the iG330 Digital E1/T1 Gateway offers support for the provision of ‘Y’ shape circuits (multi-leg ring down), using IP.  Businesses with multiple locations that interact with a global client base or are implementing an multi-site business continuity strategy can benefit from this new functionality.

Utilising IP based private wires gives customers the ability to provision new circuits, globally within hours, instead of days.  Whether these are provisioned through customers own network infrastructure or as a cloud offering, ROI will commence immediately. Along with the added benefit of ‘free’ multiple drops of the same circuit from a single presentation.  Providing multiple drops of the same circuit, from a single presentation offers significant cost savings compared to traditional digital and analogue circuits.  Speakerbus believe that this ability to support such native functionality across an IP product range is unique in the marketplace.

Full bridging and status indication (common lamping) are incorporated in Speakerbus ‘Y’ shaped circuits as standard.  A typical deployment could involve iG330 gateways being utilised to interconnect three locations with multiple private wires, e.g. London, New York and Paris, with a requirement for the London and Paris locations to be seen as one logical entity at the B end of the private wires.  When a call is initiated from New York, ringing and status indication will be presented at both the London and Paris sites. Users at either site have the ability to bridge onto these lines.


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