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Your vote counts with us

By Paul Kitchener

Technical Marketing Manager

Your vote counts with us

The annual Waters Technology survey is open for readers to choose their best financial service solutions and technology providers.

Today, trader voice is undergoing major change and disruption. Traditional solution approaches are proprietary, expensive to maintain and lack open integration, limiting a financial institution’s ability to pick ‘best-of-breed’ solutions.

In this fast changing landscape, it’s been a busy year at Speakerbus.

Highlights include:

  • Launch of new cloud leveraged offerings including ARIA
  • Release of more deployment options including the World’s Smallest Trading System.
  • Enhanced self-management tools
  • More certified technology partners and business partners
  • Expansion of new customer engagement initiatives

We encourage you to vote for Speakerbus for the Best Trading Floor Communications System provider award.

Why vote for us?

Here are the top 3 reasons why we have been winning business from our larger competitors over the past year:

Improved cost management

We’ve refreshed trading environments with open standards based technology and offered the flexibility to ‘right-size’ operations as the market conditions change and evolve.

Increased choice & flexibility

We’ve delivered the right end-point of choice for users, with integration to a wide range of voice recording solutions for compliance. Maximise UC investment

We’ve continued to deliver certified interoperability with Cisco, Avaya and Mitel, so you can fully leverage and maximise your existing infrastructure investment.

How to vote

Log on to the quick survey, click through to Infrastructure and Connectivity, Question 27 – Best Trading Floor Communication System provider, select Speakerbus.

You don’t have to vote in every category only the ones you wish to, so it won’t take long to complete.

Simply visit this page to complete the survey.

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