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QORUS Release Highlights - Enterprise Release 4 - 2021

By Timothy Game

Chief Technology Officer

QORUS Release Highlights - Enterprise Release 4 - 2021

This article highlights the new features and updates that have been released to enhance the performance and capabilities of Speakerbus' digital cloud collaboration platform QORUS.

These updates improve our solutions to better meet the demands of our financial clients and partners.

UX Enhancements for QORUS Enterprise 4 release

The QORUS Enterprise 4 release brings the following enhancements to the user’s product experience.

AD Login Authentication

Allows customer administrators to enforce their own Active Directory authentication for AYRE & ARIA user login outside the Speakerbus environment. Clients now have the choice to enforce the use of native Speakerbus login credentials or corporate Active Directory accounts to validate user login.

By selecting Active Directory authentication, administrators gain control to map Speakerbus user accounts to their corresponding active directory user name within iCMS so that the correct profile is loaded once authentication is complete.

AYRE/ARIA users are then prompted for Active Directory credentials when signing into AYRE/ARIA.

Key Alias

With Key Alias users can now create multiple appearances of the same voice service (Intercom, Telephony, ARD, MRD, Hoot, VPW) across their profile pages, but only one per page. The alias may be created from a key that exists on a Key Page Policy or another page.

Truncated Line Label Option

This helps to declutter the iTurret (iD808) user interface for ease of use, allowing the user to gain faster focus and access to the right lines at a glance.

The feature offers a better indication of call appearances by truncating the line labels with two simple options (Appearance Line suffix: /i) or (Appearance Line prefix: [i]).

Miscellaneous UX Enhancements

  • Drag and Drop support of Appearance Lines to speakers and handsets for ARIA Touch
  • ARIA Touch audio indicators restyled to match ALTO
  • ARIA Click panel controls and menus restyled to match ARIA Touch / AYRE.
  • Configuration of Preferred Headset Association and Headset Microphone Preferred for AYRE users.

Compliance Enhancements

Enterprise 4 release brings the following enhancements to regulatory controls.

Record on Demand

Speakerbus’ Record on Demand (RoD) is a unique voice recording tool allowing the user to determine which of their calls are recorded. For users with RoD enabled, recording is set to “off” but maybe switched on prior to a call or at any point during the call. Recording is applicable only to the call for which it was activated and persists, (even if the call is placed on hold) until RoD is switched off or the call is ended. Other calls will not be recorded unless RoD is specifically activated for them.

Recordings are captured in the usual manner via a third-party voice recorder platform.

7x Recording Streams

This enhancement increases the number of recording streams available to AYRE, ARIA Click and ARIA Touch virtual endpoints from 3 to 7 bringing parity with our iTurret device. Once the Recording Policy is defined and enabled, the device will use the selected stream to send audio to connected third-party voice recorders. Streams 1-7 are appropriate to AYRE devices, ARIA clients and iTurret (iD808) devices.

iCMS User Recording Information Report Update

This report has been improved to show the most recent policies used for a user, for the device the user is now on or was most recently seated at.

Platform Enhancements

Enterprise 4 release brings the following enhancements to the QORUS platform.

iCMS Forced Line Clear

This enhancement has been developed to support clearing a stuck voice service on the iG3xx /iD808 without the need to manually change the configuration.

iCS - IPC PW Compatibility

Certified compatibility with IPC CONNEXUS Voice SIP Private Wires when used with Audio Codes and Speakerbus Cadence (SBC).

iTurret Cisco discovery protocol (CDP) to show as VoIP phone instead of Host

This is an amendment to define a VoIP phone when a user is seated, making it simpler to define a Host and a VoIP phone.

Security and Vulnerability Updates

Including MySQL 8.0.27, stronger ciphers for Web Servers, Open SSL, Open SSH updates & iD808 encrypted upgrader files

Miscellaneous Platform enhancements:

Updates to the platform also include:

  • Arizona has now been added to the time zone list on iCMS as North America: Phoenix
  • iCS SIP Trunk Call Forward compatibility improvements
  • AYRE support for SNMP v2
  • iCB updates including
    • Configuration of AYRE Codec and AYRE Voice Activity Detection for CloudBase servers
    • Improved health and device information dialogs
    • Historical RTP performance graphs
    • Ability to restart individual iDUCXs for iCB CLI

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