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QORUS Release Highlights - Enterprise Release 9 - 2024

By Timothy Game

Chief Technology Officer

QORUS Release Highlights - Enterprise Release 9 - 2024


Speakerbus Technology proudly announces the release of QORUS Enterprise 9.

This page showcases the latest features and updates designed to enhance the performance and capabilities of Speakerbus products, thereby improving our solution stack to meet the needs of clients and third parties.

Enterprise 9 Release Versions

  • iCMS 4.210
  • iWS 3.200
  • iCS 3.300
  • iCB 2.500
  • iGS 2.100
  • iCDS 3.000
  • iG330 3.100
  • ALTO (iD704) 1.100
  • AYRE (iD924) 1.021
  • iD712 2.600
  • iTurret (iD808) 4.500
  • ZERO8 (SE 708) 2.800

UX Enhancements


Enterprise 9 includes multiple endpoint enhancements driven by customer feedback and requests. These updates are designed to enhance the user experience and provide additional value to our AYRE / AYRE product portfolio.

  • Added auto hold/clear mode feature.


  • Added auto-select idle handset feature.


  • Added default handset feature.
  • Added outgoing intercom calls audio device preference feature.
  • Added replay to desk feature. Up to 30 seconds of speaker channel playback.
  • User notifications for audio input/output device connectivity changes.
  • Auto switching for audio input/output device connectivity changes.
  • Removed the need to reset the session when changing audio input devices.


Free-standing AYRE/ALTO microphone is now available to purchase. This allows a close-talking microphone to be placed away from the device and closer to the user.

Platform Enhancements

The following updates improve the stability, robustness and functionality of our platform.


  • TDM/SIP Gateway mode (Available for Beta Trials).
  • VLAN Tagging (802.1q protocol).
  • Onboard iG330 web interface updates, including:
    • Added a refresh link to the status and statistics pages (SB-6542).
    • Enhanced navigation panel on web pages (SB-6311).
    • Increased webpage inactivity time out to 30 minutes (SB-6341).


  • Configuration of VLAN for iG330 devices.
  • Support for ARIA/AYRE features: Default Handset preference, Intercom Audio Device preference, auto hold/clear, auto select idle handset, and replay to desk.
  • Show ARIA/AYRE browser address in audit log events.
  • New audit events for sign-in and sign-out of hardware-hosted ARIA Click sessions.
  • Support for iCMS Microsoft SQL databases hosted on the Linux platforms. Refer to Microsoft for supported platforms.


  • Improved detection for loss of remote session message communication to the session controller.
  • Added cache busting for retrieval of localisation files.


  • Disconnect when no longer receiving keep-alive messages from the web page (SB-6625).
  • Support enhanced handset behaviour features when hosting an ARIA/AYRE client (SB-6034).
  • Support playback to desk on ARIA/AYRE (SB-6160).

ALTO (iD704)

  • Support of the SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), in addition to TFTP, as an option for file transfers (SB5031).
  • Support of Latched Hoot Timeout (SB-4223).
  • Expand Gooseneck Microphone Pickup area allowing user to be further away from the microphone in the Office profile (SB-5481).
  • Lock user out of webpage after 5 consecutive unsuccessful login attempts. Lock-out expires after 15 minutes (SB-5527).
  • Option to perform factory reset of data (SB-3853).
  • Improved reporting of 802.1X issues via SNMP.
  • Improvements to security of the CM interface (SB-2960).
  • Allow warning text to be displayed in an ssh/dropbear session pre-authentication banner (SB-5708).


  • Added support for GPT (UEFI-based) systems when running the “iCB setcores” command (SB-6567).
  • Web page enhancement to show SBUtils version.
  • Web page enhancement to show if the SELinux setup is running.
  • Web page enhancement to show configured package repositories when updating packages.
  • Change iCB Admin web page to use minified version of jquery (SB-6434).


  • Upgraded iCDS server and monitor to use .NET 6.
  • Ability to customise, during installation, the account used by the iCDS server service.
  • Support for Microsoft group Managed Service Accounts (gMSA).
  • Combined the licence acceptance dialogs in iCDS installation.

Security Enhancements

The following provides security enhancements for our platform.


  • OpenSSL updated to v3.0.12.
  • OpenSSH updated to v9.6p1.
  • JQuery updated to v3.7.1.
  • Removed deprecated SHA1 settings for SSH (SB-6291).


  • Node modules updated to the latest compatible versions (SB-6267).
  • Added CSRF protection to the Admin web page (SB-5972).
  • Linux RHEL8 servers to support “future” crypto policies (SB-6417).


  • OpenSSL updated to v3.0.12 on iD808.
  • OpenSSH updated to v9.6p1 on iD808.
  • Remove deprecated SHA1 settings for SSH (SB-6293).

ALTO (iD704)

  • OpenSSL updated to 1.1.1u.
  • OpenSSH updated to 9.3p1.
  • SSL ciphers suite list updated to:

Partner Compatibility


Selecting the appropriate headset for your Speakerbus device is straightforward, although it may vary based on specific models and brands.

We’ve simplified this process by certifying two prominent global brands. For Enterprise 9, we have re-certified ARIA, AYRE, and iTurret compatibility with both Jabra and Poly headsets.

To discover your ideal headset, explore Jabra’s compatibility guide.

Alternatively, if you prefer Poly, visit their compatibility guide to explore their range of supported headsets.

Compliance - Voice Recorders

  • NICE Trading Recording V6.8.PL3 (Tested by NICE Systems with iDUCX/iD808 V4.1.)



  • Our CADENCE customers now have the option of using RingCentral for core SIP telephony (SIPPING-19) support.

Please contact your Speakerbus Account Manager for more details.

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