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QORUS Release Highlights: Enterprise Release 5 – 2022

By Timothy Game

Chief Technology Officer

QORUS Release Highlights: Enterprise Release 5 – 2022

This article highlights the new features and updates that have been released to enhance the performance and capabilities of Speakerbus’ digital cloud collaboration platform QORUS.

These updates improve our solutions to better meet the demands of our financial clients and partners.

UX enhancements in our latest QORUS release


ARIA Hoot is a browser-based WebRTC client for users who want access to ARD, MRD and Hoot lines without the encumbrance of a full-sized trading turret. With up to 8 configurable speakers, ARIA Hoot enables anyone with access to a web browser to build a cost-effective global community of no waiting, always-on, active voice channels that can be re-sized to the corner of the screen when not the focus of attention.

ARIA Hoot runs on iCS, Speakerbus’ secure, scalable, high-availability collaboration software platform, which can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise and integrates seamlessly with leading voice recording solutions ensuring all conversations can be captured, archived and audited in accordance with regulatory and compliance requirements.

In addition to supporting Chrome and Edge on PC, there is also support for Chrome on Android devices.

Record On-Demand (ARIA Click / ARIA Touch / AYRE)

Gives the user the option to record their calls on demand. This user privilege is controlled by the system administrator.

Alert Profile Editing on individual keys (ARIA Click)

This feature allows user customisation for the way incoming calls are presented. The user can change ring tones, priority levels (which decide which line rings first when multiple calls are coming in simultaneously), ringing durations and delays, volume and style displayed on the user interface.

Personal Directory Editing (ARIA Click)

Gives users control over their personal directory. This lets the user create, edit and delete the contacts in the list. The user can define the label of the contact and give it multiple addresses.

Copy Call Log entry to Personal Directory (ARIA Click)

Allows the user to copy the information from an entry in the call log and use it to create a new personal directory entry, making it more convenient to create a new contact by removing the need for the user to manually enter information already a part of the call log.

QORUS platform enhancements

This Enterprise release brings the following enhancements to the QORUS platform.

Removed iG330 from call setup for Remote Site Group Calls

An iG330 is no longer required for Group Calls where all users are on Remote Mode devices.

The complete QORUS backend infrastructure can be cloud/datacenter hosted without any local proprietary hardware.

iCS Support for Answerback Group calls over SIP trunks

iCS now supports Answerback Group Calls between iCS Call Regions. An Answerback Group Call allows for paging-type calls between intercom users.

Data encryption

Added support for encrypting the connection between the iCMS server and an SQL Server hosting the iCMS database.

802.1x on iD712, SE708 and iD704 (Beta)

Support for the 802.1x authentication for devices connecting to an organisation's network.

CTI for SE708/iD712

CTI capability has now been extended to SE708 & iD712 endpoints. The functionality provided through the revised API covers all voice services appropriate to the capabilities of the device (telephony, private wires and intercom) and includes Make Call, Clear Call, Answer call, Barge, Hold and Set Privacy operations.

Device Wipe for SE708/iD712/ALTO

New CM command to safely erase sensitive data from the device.


The following have been certified as compatible with QORUS in this Enterprise release period:

  • iCS/IPC SIP PWs – Compatibility with IPC’s SIP-based Private Wire circuits when used with Ribbon SBC’s. This is in addition to the already supported AudioCodes SBC.
  • NICE NTR v6.7.15 - Compatibility for NICE’s NTR voice recording system.
  • CTI Proteus v8.2 - Compatibility for CTI’s Proteus call analytics system.

Please contact your Speakerbus Account Manager for more details.


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