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Revolutionise Marine Communications using Low Earth Orbit Satellites

By Paul Kitchener

Technical Marketing Manager

Revolutionise Marine Communications using Low Earth Orbit Satellites

As a pioneer in developing real-time unified communication solutions for over four decades, Speakerbus is a market leader, delivering secure, robust technology to seamlessly connect teams, systems, and channels for the world's leading financial institutions. 

Our expertise transcends technology, as we work closely with organisations to understand their critical needs, offering targeted solutions that unite teams with unparalleled market visibility, collaboration, and compliance.

With a comprehensive range of communication solutions designed specifically for the financial services sector, Speakerbus ensures that the same level of security and reliability extends beyond office walls, meeting today's dynamic demands. Proactively testing and updating our products to align with the latest regulatory requirements, we empower firms to operate confidently, regardless of location.

Now, Speakerbus is poised to revolutionise marine communications by using Low Earth Orbit (L.E.O) satellites to connect our real-time instant voice solutions. This cutting-edge approach brings forth a new era of collaboration in the maritime industry, offering enhanced connectivity, reliability, and efficiency.

To embark on a journey into the future of marine communications and discover how Speakerbus can empower your team while future-proofing your operations, download our white paper or reach out to our dedicated command and control team.


Elevate your communication experience with Speakerbus - where innovation meets dependability on the high seas.


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