ARIA adds a powerful soft client to WEY TEC’s control room solutions

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At Interpol Expo 17 we demonstrated ARIA with WEY TEC’s flagship keyboard

Together With WEY TEC we’re bringing iManager ARIA to control rooms using WEY’s SMARTtouch device, a multifunctional keyboard with a touch-sensitive 10.1“ colour LCD display.

The flagship WEY SMARTtouch keyboard offers uncompromising functionality, enhances data security and provides ergonomic comfort.  Adding ARIA to this platform adds a powerful soft client to their control room solutions.

Solution use case:

  • Users can access multiple workstations without performance loss using a single keyboard and mouse.
  • Use ARIA for telephony – call multiple users, access hotlines and conference groups.
  • Directly control monitors with a single push of a button.
  • Use the touch-screen LCD display to simultaneously stream and view multiple videos and TV channels or execute complex application inputs.

The WEY keyboard and ARIA deliver telephony and data sources securely and efficiently at the desk or on a videowall.

The joint solution supports the full range of iSeries endpoints including the Speakerbus’ Command Console.  With Speakerbus & WEY TEC clients can be ready to respond to any incident, operations order or emergency plan, across a wide range of industry verticals.

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