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We know voice. We’ve focused on specialist communications for over 35 years. During this time, we’ve pioneered smart ways to streamline critical communications, empowering our clients to make the most from their existing infrastructure. 

Take our Media Gateways (iG330/iG334); they’re the backbone of our iSeries platform, delivering interoperability between IP networks and E1/T1 (circuit based) trader voice services.  

However, our Gateways offer clients more than just a device that acts as a “gate” between two networks.   

The most proactive clients use our Gateways for ‘Line Intercept’. It’s a reliable and cost-effective deployment methodology for new dealerboard projects or duplicating Private Wire’s to deliver them elsewhere such as our Soft Client ARIA – a secure trader voice soft client running on an internet browser. 

Line Intercept enables the parallel operation between iTurret and the incumbent Dealerboards during the transition stage for a smooth trader floor rollout. This approach allows both the legacy and Speakerbus systems to access the voice circuits and avoids a big-bang strategy.   

Another practical example of line intercept duplicates the Private Wires and delivers them to ARIA – offering a permanent Disaster Recovery option for remote offices with the same Private Wires, yet off-site. The ARIA client utilizes Speakerbus’ real-time compliance interface – iManager Call Data Server (iCDS) to ensure Compliance and Regulatory policies remain enforced.   

The media gateways are simple to manage through a secure, centralized web-based portal – iManager Centralized Management System (iCMS). iCMS provides the ability to deploy, configure and manage any endpoint and associated hardware from one central location.  


Now is the perfect time to review and bolster your trader voice estate, remote working, BusinessContinuity Planning (BCP) or Disaster Recovery (DR) strategy for Trader Voice. Contact our team and arrange a demonstration of ARIA or learn more about our connectivity offerings.

Challenge us to the task – we’re ready and waiting, making every connection worth more.

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