Unlock the hidden potential of private lines.

Traders demand instant and secure connectivity via dedicated private lines to clients. However, the management of these private circuits are a time consuming, resource intensive process, let alone the monthly recurring line leasing costs.

Voice networks can extend to thousands of private circuits in multiple locations, hence line leasing costs build up to considerable sums.

By leveraging your corporate WAN to implement private circuits, the iSeries connectivity solutions help you to extend private lines in a more cost-effective manner than ever before.

Key benefits:

  • Eliminate monthly recurring costs of leased lines
  • Identify, assess and eliminate unprofitable circuits
  • Modify and audit services without the need for specialist skills
  • Reduce network provider add-on charges created by ‘forked’ circuits
  • Ensure business continuity via ‘always-on’ disaster recovery
  • Reduce hardware footprint in prime real estate locations
  • Achieve greater control and accountability with centralised management of circuits
speakerbus line networking brochure

Line networking

Explore the different ways the iSeries Gateways can help to maximise the use of your private lines.

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