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Overcoming the Challenges of Voice Trading From Home

By Nicole D’Antuono

Global Head of Strategic Initiatives

Overcoming the Challenges of Voice Trading From Home

Even with the lockdown slowly lifting worldwide, employees are still expected to avoid non-essential movement, which includes rushing back to bustling fully staffed Trading floors. 

Working from home for many voice traders has become the norm, and this trend is set to continue, at least until a miracle vaccine is formulated and administered on a large enough scale. 

Who would have thought that in just a few months, the tight grip of Risk Management including, government-imposed voice recording and surveillance methods throughout fixed central office environments, would overnight, shift focus to the home office?

How have banks been able to navigate the challenges of staying compliant?  

Firms are still obliged to follow FCA guidelines and take all reasonable steps to record voice conversations, and this could include Private Wires, Intercom calls as well as traditional Telephone calls.  

But suddenly the compliant recorded Dealerboards and Intercoms they rely upon every day were locked away in virtually abandoned downtown offices.  

Any replacement solution used had to be smart, straightforward and secure. Speakerbus' innovative web browser-based Soft Client ARIA met this requirement. 

ARIA is the result of a highly-focused research and development project sponsored by a UK Government Innovation Grant specifically to showcase and fast-track technological innovation. Now in its fourth year of development, the Pandemic has highlighted the importance of flexible remote voice trading. The platform mirrors existing user profiles and compliance policies, reducing roll-out time and clients' exposure to latent Market Abuse.  

Keep talking – Trade with confidence, wherever you are

With ARIA, you can voice trade from anywhere. As long as you've got a connection to your network, you can rely on the same secure technology you use in the office. No hassle. No complicated PC setup. Just point, click and talk.

  • Scale-up, or down - Need to scale up? No problem – ARIA has been designed to accommodate up to 10,000 users.
  • Centralised management system - With ARIA's Centralised Management System, you can manage thousands of users on one easy-to-use platform.
  • A long-term business alliance - We're committed to building long-lasting, rewarding business relationships that work for everyone.

The solution allows clients to remotely connect to the same specialist channels of communication using a web browser and Internet connection. ARIA ensures that users remain compliant and inherit all permission and recording policies. Read more about our trading communications solutions.

Level up your Trader Voice 

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