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Team Collaboration - Merging Home and Office Communications

By Paul Kitchener

Technical Marketing Manager

Team Collaboration - Merging Home and Office Communications

Speakerbus is recognised as the pioneer of Intercom and Hoot ‘n’ Holler services by the world’s leading investment banks.

We offer a range of iSeries solutions to specifically address trader voice collaboration needs seamlessly between offices, or at home using secure lightweight home broadband. Users in financial organisations rely on these solutions to disseminate information, maintain team collaboration and connect thousands of colleagues across global subsidiaries.

Making every connection worth more

Essential benefits of Speakerbus' iSeries solutions

  • Team Collaboration - Easily connect home and office using hard or soft endpoints.
  • Enhanced Efficiency - Achieve efficient workflow between different departments.
  • Share Real-Time News - Host morning meetings or ad-hoc group calls and instantly share intelligence, alerts or request assistance from colleagues in different locations.
  • Compliance Ready - Centralised management ensures adherence to company policy, voice recording and governance via user permissions, partitioning and auditing.
  • Uniform Access - Use the same lines, speed keys and contacts from any location.
  • Simplified IT Management - Manage all endpoints wherever located via a web-based global centralised management portal.
  • Cost Management - Overlay your existing trading environment with flexible CAPEX or OPEX commercial models and the ability to further ‘right-size’ operations as market conditions change and evolve.

Discover our soft client, ARIA

ARIA is an innovative cloud-based virtual trading solution that allows you to voice trade from anywhere. As long as you’ve got a connection to your network, you can rely on the same secure mobile technology you use in the office.

Get in touch with Speakerbus

Now is the perfect time to review and bolster your trader voice estate, remote working, BusinessContinuity Planning (BCP) or Disaster Recovery (DR) strategy for Trader Voice. Contact our team and arrange a demonstration of ARIA or learn more about our connectivity offerings.

Challenge us to the task – we're ready and waiting, making every connection worth more.


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