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Global Banks in Hong Kong Push to Get Staff Back to the Office

By Mike Crudgington

Technical Product Manager

Global Banks in Hong Kong Push to Get Staff Back to the Office

Last year when we all took that leap of faith in our government’s decision to lock down our movements and ordered to stay safe in isolation, companies had to act quickly to ensure that they provided their staff with the correct tools and support required for continuing their roles. Many jumped to adopt new technologies which were untested for such large crisis situations.

Over the last 18 months, these technologies have been tuned and adapted to try and fit in with regulations, higher volumes and company policies and practices. It is true to say that a high percentage of these decisions will need to be revisited and reviewed to understand whether the quick actions of March 2020 were the right ones for the company to adopt longer-term as we start to return to a life of commuting and office existence. 

Of course, we are now looking at things in a very different light, taking into account core subjects such as;  hybrid working schemes, Cloud-based BCP and DR facilities, location identification, data storage capacity and accessibility, the use of regulated video conferencing and, of course, overall cost. All these decision specifics may have been glossed over or reviewed without the rigorous checks of procurement and compliance that would have naturally occurred historically.

In a recent article published by Reuters https://www.reuters.com/article/hongkong-banks on how Hong Kong’s Global Banks are ready to get their staff back into an office, the key message is that they intend to get the majority of their staff back sitting at desks very quickly, noting that they see this as a critical step to get business kick-started again. With Morgan Stanley and Citi both opting for on-site vaccination clinics, others are strongly encouraging vaccinations by offering 2 days extra holiday.  Technology teams within the banks are again having to react quickly on whether their immediate reactions to the pandemic in 2020 are the same ones to see them through the return to the office.

If you are looking to review your technology choices, keep in mind the key features that can adapt to your business needs. Ensuring that the technology is flexible, agile, easy to deploy, and easy to access. Look at the specifics surrounding your data, how easy is it to analyse and move, does the solution offer additional services which are quick and easy to bolt on when you need them. It’s also worth noting that during the pandemic many companies had the time to review and develop their solutions to meet the new demands of their customers, offering better choices and efficiency.

Speakerbus, a company with proven longevity in providing trader voice platforms for over 35 years, has a range of Enterprise and Cloud solutions which have been successfully deployed throughout the pandemic helping customers securely transfer their employees from office to home and back again. When it comes to supporting your trading floor, if you are looking to review or reassure yourself of your technology choices, ensure that you have seen what Speakerbus can offer... we are in it for the long term.

Here are just some of Speakerbus' innovative trading communications solutions:

  • ARIA - Providing traders with a virtual trading dealer board, Cloud-delivered virtual endpoint, providing global hoot, advanced telephony and private line capabilities,
  • AYRE – Hybrid Touch Trading dealer board. AYRE is a powerful trading turret, giving you what you need most when you need it – instant, real-time communications that are always secure and always compliant.
  • CADENCE – Cloud Hosted deployment, Cloud-based platform for all your trading communications, connectivity, and compliance needs.

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