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Time and Cost-Efficiencies Benefits of Cloud Communication Solutions

By Ashley Francis

Director – Global Head of Sales

Time and Cost-Efficiencies Benefits of Cloud Communication Solutions

In a world of technological advances and digital transformation, businesses need to adapt or they get left behind. Digital transformation has fundamentally changed the way we work and communicate, revolutionising the world of work by enabling organisations to enhance productivity, streamline workflows and increase efficiency.

In this article, we discuss what cloud communications solutions are and why they are important for your team. We also unpack the key cost and non-cost related benefits of investing in cloud communications solutions for your organisation. 

What Is a Cloud Communication Solution and Why does it matter for your team?

Cloud communication solutions enable organisations of all sizes to communicate and collaborate using cloud-based technologies, leading to streamlined communications. Instead of relying on traditional hardware-based systems, cloud communication solutions use the internet to provide a range of communication channels, including voice, video, messaging, and file sharing. 

By leveraging the power and flexibility of the cloud, organisations can reduce costs, increase efficiency, improve reliability, and increase scalability, while also providing their employees with the tools they need to get their job done.

The main drivers of unified communications (UC) adoption in financial services are the demand for solutions that can meet the needs of a hybrid workforce. Firms need to empower their staff through technology and give them access to communications tools that offer the same capabilities, in and out of the office. And, whilst there are some common dilemmas around cloud communications such as implementation and cost considerations, these are far outweighed by the benefits cloud communications offer, which we will discuss in the following sections. 

Undeniable Benefits of Cloud Communication Solutions

There are several benefits when it comes to investing in cloud communication solutions from cost-related benefits to better overall business performance outcomes. 

How cloud communication solutions reduce your business costs?

Cloud communication solutions offer several key cost benefits for businesses from saving on hardware to needing to employ less staff for system maintenance. 

So what are the key cost benefits of investing in cloud communications solutions?

1. Save on hardware - By investing in cloud communications, businesses eliminate the need for expensive hardware and maintenance costs as everything is hosted in the cloud. With cloud communication solutions, maintenance and support are the job of the host and provided as part of the service.

2. Save On Energy Costs - Internal servers and hardware require a lot of energy to power, driving up electricity costs. Cloud providers are able to operate more efficiently by consolidating the number of servers and resources needed for your operations. This results in fewer emissions and better resource management for your business.

3. Clear Costs - Cloud storage providers typically charge by use, therefore it’s easy to manage costs. Cloud computing is also scalable, so you can easily increase your usage if your business grows or scale back if there’s less demand. 

4. Fewer Staff Required - Adopting cloud computing services requires less local specialist IT staff , saving your business money on full-time staff to manage operations.

How else are cloud communications helping businesses thrive?

Beyond cost-effectiveness, cloud communications solutions empower business in numerous ways. From simplified deployment to better collaboration there are numerous additional benefits of investing in cloud communications. 

So what are the key non-cost related benefits of implementing cloud communications?

1. Simplified Deployment - Cloud communications solutions are easily implemented because they are hosted off-site, require no physical infrastructure or maintenance, and can be accessed through a data connection, physical dealerboard/turret/speaker or internet web browser or mobile app, making it easy for businesses to quickly deploy and scale their communication systems.

2. Better Collaboration -  Cloud communications solutions lead to better collaboration because they provide real-time access to a wide range of trader specific communication channels. This means that team members can easily collaborate and communicate with each other regardless of their location, device, or communication preferences, leading to faster decision-making, improved productivity, and stronger team relationships. 

3. Integrations - Cloud communications solutions integrate easily because they are designed to be flexible, scalable, and interoperable with other software and systems. As a result, businesses can easily integrate their cloud communication tools with their existing business systems, reducing the need to switch between different systems.

4. Increased Productivity - Cloud communications solutions increase productivity through a range of tools and features that streamline communication and collaboration, saving time and reducing inefficiencies. By providing a unified, streamlined communication and collaboration experience, cloud communications solutions help employees stay focused, work more efficiently, and accomplish tasks more quickly, ultimately leading to better productivity.

5. Improved Customer Service - Since everyone in an organisation could be integrated into the same network with cloud communications solutions, customer enquiries can be dealt with quickly and efficiently. With cloud communications solutions, the right person to refer a question to is always available, with a choice of communication options. 

6. Improved Disaster Recovery - Cloud communications solutions provide better disaster recovery for organisations because they are hosted off-site in secure and redundant data centers, ensuring that communication systems remain operational in the event of a disaster or outage. Cloud providers will have robust backup and recovery processes in place, which means that businesses can quickly recover their communication systems and data in the event of an unexpected event. 


As you can see, digital transformation has revolutionised the way businesses operate and communications are no exception. By leveraging the power and flexibility of cloud communications solutions, organisations can enjoy a host of benefits including reduced costs, increased efficiency and increased collaboration, leading to improved organisational outcomes. 

Speakerbus’ critical communications platform, will enable you to modernise your digital communications, compliance and connectivity from end-to-end, connecting you to the right people at the right moment from anywhere. 

If you’re interested in discovering how cloud communication solutions can benefit your business, explore our solutions page or get in touch with our team for a demo today. 


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