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ADM Investor Services International selects Speakerbus for multi-asset voice broking

By Ashley Francis

Director – Global Head of Sales

ADM Investor Services International selects Speakerbus for multi-asset voice broking

Speakerbus, the leading provider of innovative mission-critical voice collaboration solutions for financial institutions, today announced that ADM Investor Services International Ltd (ADMISI), a full service multi-asset brokerage company, has chosen Speakerbus’ iTurret solution as its specialist voice broking platform in London.

Having chosen Cisco’s Unified Communications (UC) infrastructure, ADMISI needed an open voice solution which could be integrated with Cisco, to ensure that the company’s communications systems worked together seamlessly and efficiently. ADMISI chose the Speakerbus iTurret for its compatibility with the Cisco system as well as the flexibility and cost-effectiveness it offers.

Paul Weygang, Head of IT at ADM Investor Services International, said, “Our legacy platform was no longer able to meet the business demands of our trading environment and the total ownership costs were too high. We have made a significant investment in a Cisco UC infrastructure and sought a dealerboard solution that would allow us to fully leverage this investment. The interoperability of Speakerbus’ iTurret with our Cisco platform enables us to achieve far greater flexibility from an operational standpoint.”

ADMISI’s brokers execute derivatives contracts on behalf of banks, institutional investors, corporate, trade clients and high net-worth individuals. Speakerbus’ iTurret’s specialist telephony, hoot ‘n’ holler and private line access capabilities will enable ADMISI’s brokers to share information with colleagues and counterparties in real time.

Patrick McCullough, Speakerbus CEO, said, “We are delighted to have ADMISI as a client, and to add them to our roster of clients in asset management. As the fastest-growing trading turret company, we are seeing more and more financial institutions having to wrestle with similar challenges to those at ADMISI. They are looking to replace costly legacy dealerboards and maximise their existing investment in UC infrastructure. The iTurret is designed to operate with the highest level of interoperability with Cisco and other leading UC platforms, to ‘best fit’ into an organisation’s existing communications infrastructure with ease and efficiency.”

With a client base across capital markets, commodities, hedge funds and brokerage sectors, the Speakerbus iSeries platform provides proven and compliant solutions for voice-based trading across multiple asset classes. Speakerbus enables organisations to replace legacy dealerboard platforms with a range of cost-effective, high performance, endpoint options, that are compliant, self-manageable, maximise investment in existing infrastructure and reduce private line leasing costs.

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