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Award-Winning ARIA Makes US Debut at FIA Expo

By Nicole D’Antuono

Global Head of Strategic Initiatives

Award-Winning ARIA Makes US Debut at FIA Expo

Speakerbus exhibited at the FIA in Chicago, showcasing ARIA, the award-winning trader voice solution. Get all the details below.

Showcasing ARIA at the FIA Expo in Chicago

In a first for the FIA Expo and North America, Speakerbus showed out its innovative and award-winning ARIA system at the show. The specialist provider of critical voice solutions to the world's leading financial institutions and emergency services markets demonstrated its latest ARIA 'soft-client' technology.

ARIA is the result of a highly-focused research and development project sponsored by a UK Government Innovation Grant specifically to showcase and fast-track technological innovation. The grant enabled Speakerbus to research new methods of advancing voice telecommunications within its two core market sectors: global financial trading and C2 (command and control) for emergency and first responder services.

What is ARIA?

ARIA provides traders with immediate access to mission-critical voice capabilities without the need to install any software on their devices. There is no requirement for proprietary or hidden cloud networks or additional service costs. Individuals can choose who they trade with, in a secure, compliant and cost-effective manner. This provides significant advances in security, flexibility and connectivity across the board.

Working in close collaboration with a number of our global clients on the design of ARIA, the project goal was to deliver new levels of reliability and vastly improved openness as well as connectivity to critical communications sectors.

New York-based Patrick McCullough, CEO of Speakerbus, said: "I am very proud of what we have developed. We have opened the door to a new era of voice trading where choice, reliable availability and openness are all just a click away. The FIA Expo is clearly a great opportunity to show ARIA to our clients and prospects and to explain the increased capabilities and potential cost savings it offers." McCullough continued: "We strive to offer choices to all our clients, working on increased partner cloud-enabled capabilities and delivering a variety of cloud-managed networks, for example, using Cisco’s Meraki solutions for even easier connectivity.”

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