LONDON, March 2022/Speakerbus/ — Speakerbus, a leading provider of real-time digital communications for the financial markets, has announced a new service designed to recreate the energy, proximity and clarity of face-to-face communications for hybrid trading teams. 

ARIA Hoot is an ambient communications application providing an always-on voice connection to colleagues, counterparties and customers, ensuring that essential information can be shared as quickly and easily as if you were sitting next to one another. 

ARIA Hoot, building on Speakerbus’ 35 years of excellence serving the financial community, is a browser-based WebRTC soft client that provides access to eight simultaneous audio channels of trading communications, including hoot-n-holler and private wires. 

ARIA Hoot can run on Speakerbus’ Qorus platform, or be delivered as a service through their Cadence Cloud. It requires minimal setup, can be configured by traders and all communications are secure, compliant, and auditable. 
Benefits of ARIA Hoot include: 

  • Encrypted browser-based WebRTC trader voice soft client, delivered as a service 
  • Always-on, hands-free communication with eight audio channels 
  • Accessible to trading teams wherever they are working 
  • Customisable to customer cloud architecture and design requirements 
  • Access to leading financial connectivity providers and trading partners 
  • Flexible monthly subscription pricing 

“While many things have changed in the world of financial trading since the pandemic, the need to share information clearly, quickly and easily remains the activity that fuels well-functioning markets,” said Andy Wodhams, CEO of Speakerbus. “ARIA Hoot helps trading teams get that “on the trading floor” experience, irrespective of where they are.” 

“Our customers are struggling to replicate the buzz and immediacy of the trading floor as they move to hybrid work environments,” said Nicole D’Antuono, Global Head of Sales and Marketing at Speakerbus. “ARIA Hoot creates that connection that helps bring trading teams closer together as they migrate more and more to hybrid trading environments, by making communications effortless, simplifying workflow and enhancing situational awareness and decision-making.” 

ARIA Hoot can be delivered as a monthly subscription service through Speakerbus’ Cadence Cloud with all of the performance, security, compliance and management built-in, eliminating the need to build and run these platforms in-house and ensuring that trading teams are always connected. 

ARIA Hoot is available globally and offers an array of options to suit customer communications architecture, connectivity, and user profile preferences. 

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