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How ARIA Ensures Your Traders Keep Talking, No Matter What

By Mike Crudgington

Technical Product Manager

How ARIA Ensures Your Traders Keep Talking, No Matter What

It's imperative in any crisis to ensure workflow between teams remains active, while the safety of staff remains the highest priority. In this article, we discuss how Speakerbus' ARIA solutions ensure your traders keep talking, no matter what.

Denial of access can arise without warning, placing team collaboration at risk  

In early January 2020, the World Health Organization identified a new type of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (nCoV) in Wuhan, China. By late January, there were 300 confirmed cases with the infected steadily rising.

With Chinese cities in lockdown and financial firms such as Swiss banking group UBS, Goldman Sachs Group and Morgan Stanley telling staff to quarantine themselves at home, it raises the question, would you be able to trade under similar circumstances? Furthermore, is your Disaster Recovery (DR) plan effective for Trader Voice?

How are we supporting clients today?

At Speakerbus, we are helping clients keep connected. For disaster recovery plans or remote working, Speakerbus's flexible virtual soft client 'ARIA' offers an excellent option.

The solution allows clients to remotely connect to the same specialist channels of communication using a web browser and Internet connection. ARIA ensures that users remain compliant and inherit all permission and recording policies.

The virtual endpoint provides the same global hoot, advanced telephony and private line capabilities enjoyed by iTurret Dealerboard clients worldwide today.

ARIA's 'Isolated Environment' deployment means Traders no longer rely on physically relocating to a DR site. Clients open a webpage and securely enter their credentials at any location.

Today, multiple clients are using ARIA for regular trading operations.  The platform can operate in both on-premise and hosted data centre modes and works alongside existing iSeries endpoints for a highly cost-effective solution.

Overview of ARIA benefits:

  • ARIA is a flexible virtual endpoint for Trader Voice
  • Ideal for disaster recovery plans or remote working
  • Improves workflow between teams
  • Support for both on-prem and hosted environments

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Now is the perfect time to review and bolster your remote working, BCP or DR strategy for Trader Voice. Contact our team and arrange a demonstration of ARIA.

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