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Speakerbus Announces CADENCE - A Cloud-Based Digital Communications and Compliance Platform for the Global Financial Trading Community

By Ashley Francis

Director – Global Head of Sales

Speakerbus Announces CADENCE - A Cloud-Based Digital Communications and Compliance Platform for the Global Financial Trading Community

LONDON, 28/04/2021/Speakerbus/ -- Speakerbus, a leading provider of real-time digital communications for the financial markets, has launched Cadence, a cloud trading communications platform designed to meet the unique performance requirements of the global financial community.

Building on Speakerbus’ 35 years of excellence serving customers of all sizes, Cadence is a suite of software-based trading communications, compliance and connectivity capabilities with ultra low-latency performance that is delivered globally as a service in private, public or hybrid cloud architecture that Speakerbus’ service teams provision, turn-up and manage.

Cadence ensures that your trading teams are in the market, connected to colleagues and customers and able to trade without interruption under any circumstances in a secure, auditable way from wherever they are working.

Benefits of Cadence include:

  • Digitised trader voice delivered as a secure, compliant, high-availability service
  • Accessible to trading teams wherever they are working
  • Customisable to customer cloud architecture and design requirements
  • Access to leading financial connectivity providers and trading venues
  • Desktop devices and soft clients to suit every trader profile
  • Flexible monthly subscription pricing

"When the pandemic struck, our customers quickly realised they needed their trading platforms and applications to be accessible from anywhere,” said Andy Wodhams, CEO of Speakerbus. “With Cadence, Speakerbus is providing cloud trading communications with all of the security, compliance and management built-in so that customers no longer have to build and run these platforms themselves and their trading teams are always connected.”

“The pandemic generated an urgent, industry-wide mandate to modernise how we think about and deliver trading communications services,” said Bill Wagner, Global Head of Engineering at Speakerbus. “We introduced Cadence as a way for customers to transition safely and confidently from their legacy platforms to a service that accommodates their specific communications infrastructure, connectivity and compliance requirements and offers a great user experience.”

Cadence is available globally and offers an array of options to suit customer cloud architecture, connectivity, trading platform and user profile preferences.

About Speakerbus

The Speakerbus Group is a leading provider of real-time unified communications that power the financial markets. Our portfolio of collaboration, connectivity and compliance solutions help trading organisations gather information, gain insight, make decisions, build relationships and execute trades. For more than 35 years, over 50,000 traders in more than 60 countries have trusted their most important communications to Speakerbus.

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