iSeries Portfolio

The iSeries is Speakerbus’ portfolio of voice collaboration endpoints, all powered by a software suite (iManager). The iSeries puts you in control of delivering the specialist telephony, hoot ‘n’ holler and private line capabilities which best fit your business needs.

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The iManager software suite comprises of 3 core components:

The iManager Communications Server
Built with open standards and leveraging SIP, SOA and the cloud, to enable rapid voice traffic delivery within existing or new sites.
Web-based management, iManager Centralised Management System
Provides the ability to deploy, configure and manage any endpoint and associated hardware from one central location.
Real-time compliance interface – iManager Call Data Server
A dedicated API to allow interoperability with complimentary voice recording and analytics solutions.

Choose from our range of “right-size” iSeries endpoints to fit your specific business need:


Sales code No.of channels Telephony Microphone Hoot ‘n’ holler Private lines access PoE Datasheet
iTurret Dealerboard iD808 8 up to 24 Gooseneck & Open iTurret Datasheet
ZERO8 – 8 Channel speaker SE 708 8 Gooseneck & Open Class III SE 708 Datasheet
1 Channel speaker iD712 1 Gooseneck & Open Class II iD 712 Datasheet
ARIA – Soft Client ARIA 8 up to 24 Computer Microphone / USB Audio Device iD 114 Datasheet
speakerbus iseries endpoint brochure

iSeries endpoint range

This brochure helps you determine which Speakerbus desktop devices, are right for your organisation, where best to use these endpoints, and how they can help you maximize your overall investment in Speakerbus iSeries range of collaboration solutions.

speakerbus iTurret dealerboard
speakerbus iD712 single channel intercom
speakerbus SE 708 hoot speaker


Choose from our range of OneBox deployment options:

Sales code Server Centralised management server Compliance interface No. of users Hardware footprint Datasheet
New deployments S920 20 Rack S920 Datasheet
Expand existing sites S910 20 Rack S910 Datasheet
large custom sites
S900 20 Rack S900 Datasheet
Small office
L920 10 Desktop L920 Datasheet
Expand small office deployment L900 10 Desktop L900 Datasheet


Choose from our range of gateway options:

Sales code Physical connectivity Local capacity Datasheet
Digital iG334 4 Pri Span (E1, T1) 120 Channels iG334 Datasheet
Digital iG330 1 Pri Span (E1, T1) 30 Channels iG330 Datasheet
Analogue iG214 FXO / FXS / E&M 4 Channels iG214 Datasheet
4 Wire iG114 Analogue 4 Channels iG114 Datasheet
Remote Media iG124 Ethernet Only 4 Channels iG114 Datasheet

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