Protect. Comply. React.

All mission critical sectors need to adopt strategies to protect applications, data and the infrastructure from unforeseen disruptive events (such as outage, fire, extreme weather conditions or transportation disruption).

To ensure continuity of trading  operations, Speakerbus’ iSeries solutions provide the following:

‘Soft client’ access for remote working

  • Offers easy access to critical voice capabilities via a remotely located PC, tablet or smartphone web browser. No software installation or hardware required where the remote user is based.

‘Always-on’ disaster recovery

  • In a time of crisis, IP is re-routed to any location, delivering ‘always on’ services to disaster recovery locations and ensuring there is no circuit switch over.

Distributed architecture

  • Increases resilience and ensures there is no single point of failure.

‘Free seating’

  • Enables users to access their individual profiles from different locations, using any iSeries device.

Centralised management

  • All endpoints and connectivity assets, wherever they are located, can be managed from one place using a centralised management portal.

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